I just had a vision of Michael holding a trident, which is out of character for him usually

How close are you to Michael

I think we’re sort of close. I wouldn’t say it’s immense or anything, but he’s always been there for me and he really likes me, so I guess relatively close

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And you are sure it’s him?

Has he ever shown up with armour to you?

What does that have to do with anything though?

I was just asking Helena

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Trident not a weapon. Symbolism of piercing the trishul granthis(Knots/seals) that is in some people where three chakras are sealed somehow to increase energy flow and remove blockages. I’d say it’s weird that Michael held it since he is associated with Christianity which has the intent of sealing humanity from their true selves. If you read revelations you’ll see a story of the seven lamps of something of the sort that are supposed to be sealed this is am allegory to the chairs and energy body system. And also the 144000 that will go to heaven. The 144000 nadis

Michael isn’t the Michael in the bible, not so, not really, the words have been twisted, translated, and removed to the churches whims, and I don’t really think they’re the same person. I wouldn’t associate angels with christianity myself, considering how they live.

I think I recently received the same. Even though I work with demonic stuff…

First Word: ATLANTIS!

Second Word: EGYPT


Fourth Word: Poof!

Fifth Word: Blue

Don’t mind me, carry on. Carry on! :heartpulse::slightly_smiling_face:

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Michael holding a trident + research and define the symbolism in your vision = profit.

no, thats not what esoteric christianity is about, you have no clue what youre talking about

yeah its him

i don’t really think my post holds up so I’m gonna ignore all replies to it moving forward.

he was banned a while back he can’t respond.

lol i just found out, damn so many get banned lol