I just had a vision of Michael holding a trident, which is out of character for him usually

just normal michael, looking just how he usually looks. But he’s holding this holy light trident, which is out of character, tridents are usually demonic and infernal or something, and Michael has a “blue flame sword” or something similar that’s famous if I remember

Tridents are far from ‘usually’ demonic or infernal. Shiva holds a trident, Poseidon holds a trident, Neptune holds a trident, tridents are not specific to anything or any one place. Michael is still an individual who is capable of change and decisions. Him holding a trident doesn’t come off out of character, he could of simply wanted a trident for a reason or it was symbolic as a trident is also considered a divine symbol.


Gotcha, I didn’t know that.

:woman_shrugging: you can’t classify a weapon to be demonic! I mean Poseidon favourite weapon! Shiva has one too I think! I believe it is used to control the sea and storms! I have heard somewhere that Michael is capable of rising the sea! Idk maybe that’s how he do it?!


Well thanks for adding to the topic. To clarify, I only know the trident symbolism from the draconian works of asenath mason and the association with Lucifer, for all I knew that was the case.

I think the 7 archangels who stood before God all are thought to be tied to storms and lightning as Archangel Zadkiel has a legion of angels in english called the violet storm angels who are often tied to the hashmallim.


I find it kind of amusing that you’d even pay attention to a topic I made after what I said to you, and what happened.

Michael holding a trident is new to me, its interesting

:man_shrugging: I haven’t forgotten but I chose to leave it alone.

I know you didn’t forget, but I would think you’d shun me.

Maybe the trident is more of a symbol with a definite meaning than a weapon. After all, initially the trident is a very ancient and very common symbol. Strength, power - these are the main meanings of the symbol.


How do you think he “usually” looks? :thinking:

Might be true, Raphael is known to manifest in storms.

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Kind of a sculpted face, beautiful eyes, curly brown or blonde hair. Extremely hot.

Hope that answered your question, @Velenos :wink:

I didn’t ask a question.

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I’m not trying to downplay your experience, it just seemed like a weird thing to say for me, “how he usually looks.”
Because yes, he is often depicted as the curly haired Ken. But I wouldn’t even ssy this is how he usually looks, it is just how he is usually portrayed.

To me, he looks more stern than hot. He likes to laugh, but even that can be scary. :thinking:


Oh he feels stern. But yeah he looks hot to me. I like his energies and I don’t usually feel afraid of him, even when he’s super freaky. I guess it’s more about how we look at him than it being him or not. Are you worried it’s not him? I’m not, personally.


No, he’s definitely able of being scary. :slightly_smiling_face:

He often changes forms though, but this dude he’s been showing up as lately seems to be really consistent

I didn’t mean he wasn’t scary, I meant he didn’t scare me. Now I’m sure he can be scary, and he usually rides that line, but he hasn’t been scary enough to me.

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