I Just finished drawing my lord Lucifer's SIGIL

Hello, I am glad to be here again after a very long absence. In general, I have just finished drawing the SIGIL of Sir Lucifer, When I was painting his sigil, I felt a rise in body temperature. No doubt its frequencies were interfering with those of my body. When I finished drawing, I kissed him.


My questions are: Is activating it once enough? And will activating it and placing it in a safe place like the middle of the notebook will open gates and bring parasites to my room and home?


It looks perfect! Nice!

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Thank you very much, do you have some answers to my questions please?

What do you know about him ? Why did you draw his sigil, what is purpose ?

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Thank you for participating in this discussion, I know that Lucifer is the Prince of Hell and is one of the gatekeepers. His element is air and he is very strong and he can be considered a fallen angel. I would like to get to know his personality more and his temperament in order to help me get closer to him and deal with him on the basis of what he loves and what makes him love me as well.
My ultimate goal is that I want to work under his command if it will bring me strength and spiritual and material stability as well, I know that nothing comes easily and without effort. So I started with simple steps that will enable me to develop more and learn more.

i draw hes SIGIL cause i want keep gazing into it daily and i will activate it later after i learn more about how to protect myself from parasites and negative spirits…

In fact, I would like to work with him and admire him because he is very understanding and calm.