I just bound the five elements to my ritual altar

I just bound the five elements to my portable ritual altar.

The first four were straightforward, draw the symbol, speak my intent, then charge them.

The fifth element, aether/spirit/soul, is both the other four, but something more than the sum of them. I associate the fifth element as magick itself, because what is aether/spirit/soul but the power of the astral realms made manifest? So I did what I do best, and did a thing.

Now my altar, which was already stupid potent for something not associated with any spirit, is even more so stupid potent.

Now I have a few options as to what I can do to make it even more stupid-potent. I could call upon the planetary powers and consecrate it with those. I could evoke a spirit to bind to it. I could even find a way to bind pure chaos and pure entropy to it, if I really wanted to.

To put this like a computer guy would, I want this thing to be a high-end rig running the 16-core AMD Threadripper with liquid cooling running at 4.0GHz, twin 10TB SSD drives in a RAID 0 array, and 1TB of LRDIMM RAM, with twin NVidia GTX 1090TIs with three 4k HD monitors.

For those who don’t understand computers, think a computer that could hack every government system of every major power in the world all at the same time, in a day.

That’s what I want my portable ritual altar to be like.


Run the OS on an SSD. Run the Siva update on it as well.

Do IT! :japanese_ogre:

Couldnt help it :rofl: keep it up youll end up the magicians James bloody Bond

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