I invoked Azazel last night

I have a long history with Azazel.
He completely turned my life around and I don’t want to get into the details here but because of him, I was introduced to this whole life.
All fear was sucked out of me and, unlike 5 years ago, I now stay calm no matter what situation I am in.

I spend the last few years in total isolation. I have no one and I need no one. I not only am at peace, but I also work hard every single day to achieve my dreams. Nothing stops me. I stopped caring about other people’s doubts long ago.
He is also the one who introduced me to King Paimon and the rest is history.
Anyways, I am getting carried away here.

Last night I decided not to evoke, but to invoke Azazel. Despite it being extremely warm outside, my body became ice cold but it felt nice. My perception was altered and I felt powerful.
It felt like my intentions were the language of my reality. During that time, if I wanted something, I simply spoke it out with power behind my voice, and the core of my being KNEW that it was set in motion. It is done.
This whole thing lasted for a little over half an hour. Then I went to sleep.

I definitely feel the effects of last night’s invocation today. I just have so much damn energy. I usually just work all day by using my discipline rather than motivation. Today was different.

I have soo much energy and motivation to get stuff done. I literally worked for 11 hours today and I have yet to get tired. Earlier, I got a sudden burst of emotion that I let out, where I basically told myself that I am the best. As cringy as that sounds, it is super reassuring to me.

This is extremely unusual as I am normally a very stoic person. I usually just do not care about anything. Today it was like I was a different person. I felt powerful.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to ready my little post. I felt like sharing this with all of you because today was super intense.

Hail Azazel


Hail Azazel :metal:


Hail Azazel :metal:


I’ve not worked with Azazel yet. Only really with Lilith and Astaroth. Once with Abaddon, which I really want to do again