I hope this is the correct place to ask about Herbs for better brains?

I would assume I would be working with air if I wanted some sort of sachet to make me smarter/remember better.
I am hoping to make a sachet that will help with this.
Is there an herb or herb mixture I can put in a sachet for this? Maybe I could also add a crystal of some sort or something.


Parsley is my go to herb for cleansing. It has a lot of vitamin C and fiber. You can get a bunch at the super market for about 2 USD.

Mint prevents memory loss, relieves headaches, reduces fatigue, and improves digestion.

Mugwort relieves stress, and can improve your visual health.


Is this for ingestion or for a sachet/mojo bag?

If it will help I am happy to eat it.

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Mugwort helps with memory! I use the oil on my forehead before I sleep or take a mugwort supplement or tea if I want more effect! It helps with dream recall and expect spontaneous astral projection! It also keeps me aware during the day!
Lemon helps with energy, focus and clear head which could strengthen your memory! I use a drop of oil on skin where I can smell it all day!

But for a mojo bag I would suggest mugwort, lavender with lemon! And Hematite stone!

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what you mean by better brain? good food for the brain? Astaxanthin taken with omega 3 fish oil is good for the brain.

Great answers Oflameo, MiKu and wisepup.

Let me first answer wisepup’s question because I did not explain well.
I am trying to learn some new skills that are tedious and are essential to my career. So I am looking for a way to boost my learning potential. A magick solution.

Bodily, I ingest a multi-vitatamin, a B-100, Bacopa herb, a Choline pill, and about 1200 mg of EPA and a lesser dosage of DHA (I think it is DHA) in fish oil.

But I was referring to a magic solution in my question, sorry I did not explain that at all well.

I want to make a sachet of things to assist me in my learning. I bought some white marble which is supposed to be good for learning and wisdom (according to the witches).

What else should I add to satchet I am working on?

Additional question:
Do the uses of herbs vary from tradition to tradition. I could not find a book that had a spell for making a magick satchet to make me smarter and my online research is yielding different answers for what the same herb will do. I understand that symbolism would change but the basic essence of a plant should be the same, right? or no?

At least so far everyone seems to agree that Air is the element for thinking, concentration, mental clarity, etc…

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The combination of both supplement is what makes it help with brain power. If you want better memory then you have to learn memory skills. Or photoreading is another skill. hypnosis for memory recall and storing information will help you. Being smarter has to do with intelligence and that has to do with recall and storing info. It’s techniques of memory your after.

OK but I still want to try and make my sachet.

(I thought it was a good idea to practice magick a lot, to sort of figure out what kind of magick I am into and to get an idea of what does and does not feel right)

I read a post on sachets and it said they must be hidden. That if someone sees your sachet it is bad and if someone touches it that is even worse and the sachet won’t work.
Is this true of mojo bags too. I mean they seem like the same thing.
I read a book on Google Play about Mojo bags and it did not say anything about it needing to be kept secret.
I want to hang my sachet/mojo bag, or whatever it is over my desk where I work so it will help me there.
Can I do that or will it ruin it?

Anyways, thanks.

It might not be considered a herb by some… but if you’re trying to learn a vast quantity of information quickly there is a legendary drug called 2-CD.

It was created a brilliant chemist with a closeted spritual flair named Darrell Lemaire. Supposedly it inhibits your brain’s auditory system and supercharges your brain’s ability to comprehend visual information. Things like pictures or the written word. A single day of casual studying on 2-CD is equal to 1-2 weeks of studying. Its legality varies depending on what part of the world you live in, but its hard to come by unilaterally as there are almost no chemists left who know how to make it.

If you’d like to know more:


Rose Mary also is said to improve memory. And it’s a very nice smell.

No. I assume that keeping there, where you want / need it would actually be the best place for it. Have the smells near to (sub)consciously remind you.