I honestly need help and understanding with no judgement

I’m currently at a loss. I never believed in this stuff until 5 years ago. I grew up below the bible belt and anything occult was forbidden. I met my husband 5 years ago. His ex wife was in to the dark stuff. I finally broke down after some scary af experiences. This will be kind of long and some will think I am insane but what I am saying is true. The first experience i had was when I was asleep. I felt something grab my ankles. I woke to see a shadow at the end of my bed and the next morning i had bruises and around my ankles. I started seeing shadows in the corner of my view shortly after this. Things would fall off the walls, his moods became more or less bipolar. We were trying to get pregnant and my menstrual cycles started to decline almost like menopause and i was only 27 at the time. We seeked help from a brujo who made us light candles to keep this thing at bay and the candles would go out randomly. One night we heard what sounded like an animal with claws shuffling along our tile floor. We searched the whole house. Nothing. We will often smell burning. We feel our house become heavy. It’s a change in the atmosphere. My children see shadows and become scared. Another bruja did a cleansing for us using meat and liquor and things for her protection fell off the wall and a toy started to sing without anyone touching it. Me being skeptical I pushed the buttons and nothing. She said it hadn’t worked for years. So naturally i was terrified. She told my husband his ex put this on him and I’m collateral damage. His ex supposedly buried a chicken head in our backyard with my husbands name on the neckbone. We have been told this twice by 2 different is brujas with no connection to each other. I havent been able to find it. Anyways, fast forward to now, he is more bipolar than before. I’ve watched my health decline. I’m seeking help and need understanding to help me see that I’m not insane. I cant be the only one who has experienced this. Thank you for reading my troubles and any advice in advance.


Ok first off, you’re not insane.

Maybe it was your body telling you that this was not the best moment for a pregnancy. (I suppose you went to a doctor to check if there’s another reason, cause if not, then you should.)

How is his behaviour when you are not in your house? Does it feel different?

It may be easier said than done, but keep your cool. I’ve spent a lot of time in a house with bad energy myself, and I know it can be really devastating.
A method I use when I feel negativity crawl up to me: I imagine an egg made of light all around my body, it has no holes or cracks,and it can’t be broken. I then imagine all negative thoughts, feeling and influences (also sickness) leave my body and this egg as dark mist, or dark rays. If they try to come back in, they can’t pass the egg, they can’t enter.
It’s a quite “simple” method, but it helped me since childhood.

I also suggest you learn how to banish yourself, so that you are not dependent on other people and feel more empowered.
Have a look at this:

Try and practice a method that seems best for your case.

Remember that you have all you need to solve this inside you.


Also, have a look at this:


We have been trying for 4 years to get pregnant to no avail. The doctors say I’m fine and I’m ovulating. I’ve been given medicine and still nothing. After the cleansing, I did start to bleed but was not supposed to have a cycle for 2 weeks. She said something was blocking it. As far as his moods, he will be fine and happy one minute then angry and depressed the next. It’s like that mostly in the house but we travel for work all across the US and it seems to follow. Its clinging and when we vanish it always comes back. I have no idea what I am doing in banishing but I need this fixed and protection. I appreciate your help

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So here’s your reason to become a magician! Lots of resources here in BALG forum. The final outcome depends on your belief and will. And no - you’re not insane.

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Lil is right— it’s all about your will and belief. You cannot allow human skepticism intervene, it is your—actually it’s your husbands spiritual war. He needs the raking done. Maybe easier said than done, but I’d challenge his dedication to his family by you taking yourself and your children outside of being collateral damage until he has done what he needs to do. Is he the one contacting the brujos or is it you? He has to want it, he has to do it for himself first, then his family.

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He actually contacted them. He knows its here. He knows it follows him. I’ve been able to keep it at bay using prayer and certain things given to me by the brujos but we banish it and it always comes back. He has seen this thing to. I dont feel leaving him is the answer because I think that’s what it was sent to do. Drive us apart and anyone he ever tries to be with regardless if it’s me or someone else. I’m curious as to what more I can do or how to better combat this. My husband wont do this alone. I wont allow him to. Hes been by my side through my worst problems and I will be by him through his. This man helped me beat cancer. I can help him beat this


No, no, sorry to bring misunderstanding- I wasn’t necessarily saying leave him as in abandon him, instead, maybe it is something he needs to battle within himself, to become the strength he needs to muster to overcome it.

I’d no suggest a family break apart because, as you said and know, you strengthen one another. Do you think he would know who the ex’s elder brujo/bruja is? Brujo learn in a lineage, typically familial. Perhaps if you can find the elder, request a meeting and ask for their help in removing it.

I feel for you all.

Good luck!

I’m no expert here but it seems like he needs to confront her. This is why relationships suck, especially when your dealing with someone who does these kind of things. Ruining other people’s lives because it didn’t work out between two people is not cool.

This is why I will never date a women who does black magic. Don’t want to deal with the fallout that is bound to happen.

For all you women who disagree just look at what this poor girls going through.

Hope you guys get this handled soon


@Mamafuentes I would not pray. I’d just send her back all the negative and unwanted.

possibility. house haunted? bad feng shui? As for pregnancy, you can go to acupuncturist or feng shui the home for baby. do banishing and remove curses? bind anyone from doing magick on your family. This way you can figure a way to remove curse cuz if someone’s cursing, they might continue to do it so you have to make their new magick not work in order to deal with the old magick.
If you think some curse is buried. Pendulum might be able to help you find it. It’s called dowsing. some dowse for water/energy vortex/metal. you can dowse for curse objects. To check if its there.

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Yes no worries. She has an uncle from Venezuela who does dark magic. He is the only one my husband is aware of that would have the strength and knowledge to do this. I’m going to take all the advice given to me here and utilize it to the best of my ability. Thank you so much

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Thank you. This woman is going to regret the day when and if she ever comes face to face with me. I’m by no means a violent person but I’m being tested really badly here and nobody messes with my kids. Thank you for the understanding


Thank you for the advice. I will do everything i can to use those methods to see if we can get some relief.

I will try that. Thank you

Riiight, pendulum! Totally was more invested in the “who” rather than the “what” in their issues.

:kissing_heart::purple_heart: love and light to you and yours

Thank you for your help. You are wonderful

Keep us updated!

I definitely will. Thank you again