I have trouble sleeping

Hello everyone! Today I have no queries regarding magick, rather I need your help on a health issue, I am having sleep paralysis more than usual since last year since I started dabbling into sigil magick, meditations, law of attraction, wiccan stuff, those music of different frequencies available on YouTube etc. I have stopped all sorts of magick practices for a couple of months now. Now I can’t sleep at night, I keep waking up to the feeling that someone is watching me, or can’t sleep at all. This happens only in the night, not any other time of the day. I don’t know what I’m afraid of but I feel myself panicking and having sleep paralysis. I’ve started drinking a little whiskey before bed, to induce sleep and that’s draining me out even more and I lost all concentration and motivation. Please help me!


Ah man, watch out with that booze. I used to drink to get myself to sleep after night shifts. From a glass of wine all the way to 1.5L bottles each day. No good.

So there’s that. No demon will rip your life apart quite like the demon alcohol.

Anyways, I get the sense you were on the verge of making a breakthrough with out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and all that fun stuff. The paralysis is just your body asleep while your mind is conscious. Scary sure, but nothing to really worry about.

The sense you are being watched could be because you are. Some people have “help” to leave their bodies. The presences in your sleeping quarters could be guides ready to help you, astral onlookers or …

… You are just freaked out and paranoid. Lol. It can happen.

Start with your health. Can you get an exam and blood tests to make sure you aren’t missing nutrients?

Little fap before bed? That tires people out.

How about cellphones, computers and tv? Do you stare at that shit up to the point you go to bed? If so, cut it out man. Lol.

Booze is a stimulant. It won’t help.


I do spend a lot of time staring into screen, gotta check that habit! The idea of astral onlookers… that’s “comforting” LoL :smiley: But thank you for your support and advices, really :slight_smile: :slight_smile: It helps a lot…


Right now you could have your guides there with you trying to help you pop out of your body as @Rahnoren mentioned, and you fear because is kinda normal to fear the unknown.

If you keep up with the fear you could attract astral parasites… then you need banishing.

This works for me perfectly and clears out the atmosphere right away.


You afraid of sleep paralysis? You should be happy about it and practice your astral projection. But first, of course, you need to stop worrying. Just go with the flow. Yes, easier said than done, but that’s the only way to move forward.


Yes it’s terrifying for me, I am experiencing them since I was a child, I had this thong couple of times a few years ago that I’m moving around in the room independent from my body, doing stuff. Now the frequency has increased. I force myself to wake up and move my body, it’s too terrifying. And these experiences are always accompanied by nightmares, the other night there were a gazillion snakes.


Rub some basil in between your eyes (third eye) before sleep and if you want you can also put a basil plant on your nightstand. Leave the booze, it’s called spirits for a reason.

As a kid I had these terrifying experiences. Felt like nasty demons or something.
Going to bed was a nightmare more than 50% of the time. Felt haunted. I was thrown around a few times and felt some really wicked master presence.

As a teenager, I finally gave up and let go. Instant out of body experiences! From that point, I never felt that nasty presence. My onlookers left me alone and it felt as though their purpose was simply to help me ascend spiritually a bit with these OBEs.

When you are alone in your room, I guarantee you are the scariest and more powerful entity there. You can rise through your fear and meet the challenge.

You must let go friend.

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“Sage” advice :wink: I will definitely try this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I can’t let go yet. But, what you said about me being the scariest entity is so uplifting. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Burn Cedar incense before bed in your room. That helps alot with nightmares and brings in peaceful sleep

Will lavender oil help? I don’t have access to incenses :confused:

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Can you use Amazon?

Sorry not familiar with oils.

Sage advice? Sage wouldn’t do shit. Basil will. You’re welcome.

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What spirit is best for help with OBEs? last night i felt as i was out of my body stood up and was leaning against the wall in my room and weirdly was under my sheets and out of my sheets i could see this light but when i tried to remove the sheet from over me i couldnt so i panicked and was instantly pulled bck in my body. Can someone help with that?