I have studied many things and have goals and interests in many types of magick and as well as the dark artd have been on the left hand path for 5 years but have grown alot for i take my studies very serious, after stopping teaching the bible

Hi guys I’m a new person on here. I done participate in the act of doing spells or among self I’m just here on this platform to find help and answers cause it’s been happening to the guy I live . This evil girl won’t stop . I’m 22 I live in NC . I just want answers .


Thank you for doing your intro. Could you please elaborate a bit more on this?

What types of magick have you practiced? What kind/system of magick you’re interested at? How long have you been practicing?



If I’m understanding correctly, you have no experience in magick at all, and don’t practice anything?

If that is the case, then how do you even know the “evil girl” is casting spells on your man? :thinking:


Yes that’s correct . I don’t do it but I’m very much aware of spells and magick and that type of things because my grandmother used to tell me stories about when I was younger .

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Lol sorry I keep posting the wrong comments in the wrong section. So no I dont do magick or spells but I do believe in them , I was on google looking up information and I cane across this platform which is why I’m here because I saw how some people were getting answers and things and I feel like I could get answers here

I know because this has happened before with her last year actually and I noticed how he started changing . So my intuition kept nudging me and I had an inckling about something being off . I went to contact a psychic advisor and see what’s going on . And she told me that this girl has done some type of spell on him a love spell to get him away from me and to be with her. What’s also confirmed it is last year November I got a text from a random number. I was falling asleep and I look over and someone texted me and said “ who do you think you are ? He’s never going to love you with the work that I’m doing and I’m your worst nightmare “ and how they were gonna take me down and it scares the fuck outta me .

after that text I got so scared I just left him alone and of course he comes running back but this time he wouldn’t offer commitment but he’d still act like we’re together and I find that odd. So recently like a week ago I asked if he’s still interested in her he says no and he doesn’t want her not talk to her anymore then went on to show me proof of the fact that they don’t follow eachother on social media which was true at that time. Yesterday I noticed they’re following eachother again and he even liked a couple of her pics. It feels like deja vu bc this is exactly what happened last summer it’s like a cycle and I feel she won’t stop until he’s all hers so

Welcome to the forum !