I have some experience with lucid dreaming, then, how to start soul traveling?

So my favorite working method is through Michael Raduga’s indirect techniques.

For example, during morning wake-up period, there is “window” when you can just “stand up” from your body, without muscle tense of course. And immediately you shift into dream-state fully conscious.

But, conscious period is short, 2-5 minutes in subjective sense.

Also, it is possible to do likely the same during getting into sleep period, but you don’t need to be very tired, before using direct technique you need to get some sleep before, 3-5 hours maybe. Of course, after applying this, conscious period will be short again.

So, how exactly I can get into soul travel, if I have mentioned experience already?

I understood one thing, you need to get into trance state, and look for a “window”. Using tiredness of body, it is just one possible method. But, as I understood, when there is soul travel, it can be fantastically long.

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I’ll PM you a tutorial for one method that I’ve been using for years, which becomes more effective & versatile the more you do it.

Check your Messages tab. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Lady Eva, post:2, topic:9418”]I’ll PM you a tutorial for one method that I’ve been using for years, which becomes more effective & versatile the more you do it.

Check your Messages tab. :)[/quote] Could you also send it to me? Would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sent! :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:4, topic:9418”]Sent! :)[/quote] thank you


You think you could PM me that tutorial too? I’d appreciate it, thanks.

@Lady_Eva are you referring to your shamanistic Lower World journey tek or something different? If the latter case I would be interested as well.

Hey could you send me one too Lady_Eva?

I’d like one as well. Thanks.

ave a lucid dream today, as I slept most of the day today, listening to my elven guided meditation via YouTube. Anyway during my lucid dreaming, I were somewhere that look like a forest, though I didn’t really get a good look at my surrounding, though I should tell that l I weren’t in a city, town, or villages, but i did see a figure, or being in front of me. She look very elven like, very angelic, gorgeous face, warmth energies about her, she look like a high elven elf, with white long hair, and light skinned. Here a picture of what she looked like in my lucid dream, when meeting her.

Why you keep necro-ing threads years old lol

I had a dream I didnt understand. I can’t remember most of it because it’s old but it had Venus Fly traps snapping at me and quick sand. I’m at the beach walling on the sand and watching the water push and pull at the shore. I’m just walking and I stop because there is a circle of venus fly traps surrounding an area of sand. The venus fly traps are snapping at me and the sand looks like it is moving like it’s watery and I think it was quick sand.

Before I fell asleep I kept yearning for company and I was thinking of my ex boyfriend and I woke up upset. I think that is how my dream went.

What does my dream say? I did look up venus fly traps and quick sand but there is to much stuff on the internet and I got distracted.

I also wanted to grow venus fly traps after my dream I don’t know why but I really want to grow some.

I can’t help it, but when i see something that interest me, or can help me with my spiritual practice i reply to that thread

Sorry for bumping up an old old thread, but can you share this with me too?