I have some candles I need to dispose of - they have Divine Names on them?

I live in a suburb, but it would still be pretty weird for me to go out, dig a hole, and bury these things.

That would attract a lot of attention.

How can I dispose of items that have been sanctified?

I can’t use the candle for any other purpose, and I don’t just want it laying around, and I can’t just throw away a Holy object. So what do I do?

De-sanctify the object. Remove the energy infused within it, and return it to inert matter. Then toss it away.

However, even in the suburbs, it is not weird to see someone digging a hole. There are many reasons to dig a hole. You could be checking the soil, gardening, sowing new grass, burying a dead pet or a dead spouse. I seriously doubt anyone would question you on what you are doing. Most people try to mind their own business, and if serial killers can bury bodies in the suburbs without being found out, I’m pretty sure you can get away with burying a candle.

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How will you remove the energy infused? Ty

The simplest method I know is to hold your receptive hand over the object and visualise the energy flowing out of the object and into you. As you do, you can even say a simple incantation, like, “Creature of Wax, I thank you for your service to me. You have fulfilled the purpose for which you were endowed with Holy power, and I now return you to your original material state. By the Most High, it is done.”

Once you feel the candle is empty, release the energy from your hand back into the environment.


I know it isn’t really weird but it would get my neighbors asking too many questions.

I am in the suburbs where the houses are really, really close.

Some of my neighbors I don’t like well enough to talk about spiritual things with.

Why dont you bury them in a park or throw them in a river?

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Pardon me my intrusion, but is there any reason why you can’t burn them?
Also, go with the DarkestKnight method, it is by far the easiest, and it does work, you can evoke an angel if you will to take the holy power from the candle as well, if you’d prefer it

I only know a little bit, but as I understand it, once something has been consecrated/dedicated to something Holy it should not be used for mundane purposes.
Nor should it be repurposed.
So I should not shave off the etched in Divine Name off the candle, then put in another Divine Name to work another spell.
I also should not just burn it because I like candle light
Because the candle is Holy, to be used only for one purpose, than it must be disposed of properly.

Anybody want to jump in on this, please. I don’t really know what I am talking about.

(could the candles be donated to Goodwill or some other charity) 99 percent of that candle is there. I only burned it for about 10 minutes, on 3 nights.

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