I have nothing left to lose

Can you give me some pointers on how to speak to him?

Sure do copy paste, but judging from my life, it’s shit and I can do nothing about it because I’ve tried magick, psychology, rituals, prayers, drugs psychedelic, and it gives only momentary relief upon the time of the practice.

Beings incarnate themselves from the astral world into the physical sphere of
our planet, bordered by time and space, in order to work on their
development, since the material laws of this plane put far more hindrances in
front of every individual than is the case in the astral sphere. The
impediments of the physical world strengthen the spirit and enable it to grow
more rapidly in its development than it would be possible in the astral world.
Therefore the human beings of the astral world are urged to achieve re-
incarnation in this world as soon as possible, and are ready to accept even the
toughest conditions in order to be able to continue their spiritual development.
Every man can reach perfection, for the evolution of the whole of mankind
leads towards it. The spiritual guide designated to each individual by Divine
Providence for his initiation into the astral world leads and controls the
spiritual development of his protege and in many cases carries on with his
commission after his protege has re-incarnated in the physical world.


I feel you. It gives to a point where it’s easier to accept and stop holding on. Fighting and always ending up with the same result is slowly killing us

You speak to spirit like to normal person , the wait for the answer to come to your mind as thought , sometimes as a physical sign (rare) or a voice inside your head (rare).

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Where you put your thought for a long time essence grows into it… Your life force… What you give attention in your life for long will manifest in your life eventually… See Belial was not a part of your life back then I’m guessing… Its not going to be a one shot deal depending on how attuned your spirit is… Keep on constantly calling on him

Also a dream board , vision of what you want in life financially romantically , your house your body your car . You wake up and you probably go through the same cycles of actions and thoughts each day , to break this paradigm you must try something new , the more variables you Change of the current reality will result in a completely new paradigm , harness the power of the subconscious

I’ve tried that and nothing came out of it

True… Nothing is impossible
.be water my friend… Bruce lee

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Did you look at it every morning and might , feeling the emotions of the outcomes for a minute each picture ? You know lots of people say law or attraction doesn’t work , the thought is the signal in the quantum field and the emotions behind it is the mangnet , the emotions are the true energy , not the thought alone , then there is action , father, son , holt spirit,
Mind body spirit
Thoughts emotions action


“You can flow or crash “
“Don’t think, feel”

No I didn’t. Should I make a small dream board that I look at it every morning and maybe carrying it with me throughout my day?

Lemme give you a sth that worked for me pretty well… Do no pple perspective about this but really helped me… You want to contact Belial or any other being of the infernal realm… Go through satan

It doesn’t have to be small , I made a digital one , I look at it 10 min every morning and night , 3/9 things down in 6 months , I’m on path to reach it all within next 2-4 years , was a skinny depressed socially anxious kid with no desire to live for years before , everything is about breaking the comfort zone , the paradigm where you reside now , change every thought every emotion , project what you want in the mental plane everyday , it will solidify in front of you soon enough

The thing is I don’t even know if I’m ready (or advanced enough in magick) to contact with demons yet

I’ll absolutely try this, thank you!

Or Lucifer… Write down a prayerish kind of thing… Write down everything that you’ve been going thru… Write down the life you envision… Flow with intuition… Put down all your emotion… Mail it to Satan… Sign by blood… Burn it… Also reject everything holding you back

Everyone is in a rush to work with demons , don’t worry about that yet , they are just an extension of consciousness specualiIng in certain things , you can create your own reality , demons and spells are just a tool of manipulating the unseen energy behind reality as well

I’ll differ a but no hard feelings… Demons are independent beings