I Have No Words: Me & My Servitor

So, I’ve been working on my servitor for a couple months now; and after taking a break, I decided to start again today. I am really surprised and wanted to share this because I want some opinions, so feel free to share your thoughts!
I was making a concept drawing, and I was debating on skin tone. His name is Rafa, and I read somewhere that it meant “void of blood” and something else I can’t remember( It was the equivalent to the name “Shadow”, though). Since his name meant “void of blood”, I was going to make him really pale.
For some reason, I got the urge to look up his name again. I did, and here are the results I got: “Rafa is the Spanish diminutive of Rafael, which itself is a spelling variation of the Hebrew name Raphael from Rafa’el meaning ‘God has healed’.” It’s Biblical, Jewish, Spanish and Hebrew.
• • •
I feel/ felt so surprised and happy to hear this. I named him that because “Shadow” holds a lot of meaning to me. It was the name of an old friend/ enemy whom I had lost. When I lost him, I lost all of my other friends as well. They were everything I had. I lost them around two years ago, and I’m still not completely over it.

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