I have never seen any entity

Hello everyone. Hope you’re doing good today!

A year ago, I had my first experience that triggered my spiritual awakening. I did a thetahealing session because at the time things were not really good in my life, since I had been depressed and sick for the most of it. Well, good thing is I’m cured since then, and Lilith manifested in my ex-girlfriend’s body during a trance we had together on that same day.

I have to say that maybe we’ve only seen her because our channels got opened by LSD and other drug use on the same night. Sometimes I wonder if who I really saw was Lilith or some of her children, perhaps an impostor, but that’s not the main point here. I have never seen or heard any spirit since then, and what I notice is that many people in this forum seem to be able to see demons and other spiritual forms just like they see other humans, animals, objects etc. With their eyes opened.

How can I open my personal channel in order to see things as well? Like, if I evoke Lilith (and I will, my beautiful Goddess), how can I actually see her or any other force? How do you guys see spirits in general? I would love to have that with no drug use.


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I am sorry if I sound too naive or unexperienced.

It takes time and practice to remove spiritual blindness… From my experience, angels are easier to see. Demons are easier to hear.

You can do rituals to see behind the ordinary, remove spiritual blindness, to increase psychic powers, and increase intuition.

It’ll start out as flashes of light, hearing subtle voices quickly before bed and when waking up.And thorough random bursts of inspiration.


Either an image of a Spirit (e.g. the “portraits” by Louis Breton, but other options too) will come to your mind, or you may decide a form then you have to structure the entity, which you may do in the smoke of burning incense, on the surface of a black mirror… in complete darkness or even in the air.
Most of the time, at the beginning they appear as said above: in your mind, then with other evocations you may see outlines etc. It seems like actually it isn’t very common to get full materializations although naturally it may happen.

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I work with all kinds of gods/goddesses/spirits/demons…you name a category I’ve probably ran into someone from that realm at least once in my life.
I still do not “see” entities.
I can hear them, sense them, talk to them, call them, get possessed by them…but I still don’t “see” them. You may develop sight, you may not. Don’t worry about it too much because you will block your innate visual abilities if they are there. If they are not them figure out how you will be able to sense and work with incorporeal entities.


I’m willing to bet the vast majority of practitioners do not see spirits.

The ones that do often see them in thier minds eye, through a scrying medium, or in incence smoke.

There is the Winterfield Method that brings them to full corporeal visible appearance yet you will still be seeing them through the lens of your imagination. You’ll know what that means when it happens.

EA has a course on evocation as well that should go into this. I’d read Gordon Winterfield’s book on Demons or buy EA’s course and get ready to practice a lot. It’s a commitment

That said, you don’t need to see them to get life changing results with them. It helps though because they will tell you when and how results will come and what you can do. If you get to this point nothing can stop you


I agree with this, but most practitioners don’t take time to cultivate their clairvoyant abilities.

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Unless they scry or specifically do visionary stuff :wink:

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Well said @tophat ,I I think everybody in the beginning has the concept in their mind that they’re going to get a physical image of the entity they’re calling on it don’t always happen as so a lot of times it happens through your thoughts and actions in life the way you change your perspective and outlook on things, your energy etc…Just my opinion


It’s a question that will be addressed by many experienced practitioners…don’t be sorry That’s what we’re here for

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Why you even want to see spirits? Or to hear them?

I am deeply convinced that only between 5% and 1% or less of the people here, have really seen them, or heard them. And those are people who see many other things than spirits.

How exactly you did see Lillith? Was she like a real person, or like an animation, or like what?
If you want to share, of course.

And even if they “saw” them, this is not the way they see any other thing, living or dead in this world.

The spirits live in their own realm, you live in yours.
The both realms cannot be travelled just like this.

The results are most important thing. The connection you made, the relationship with these spirits brings you results. You don’t need to “see” them in order to get results from them, and most probably you won’t.


I’ve seen apparitions but never on purpose. I’ve heard spirits talk and have had them call my name but again not on purpose. I would see and hear them just like any other person. It got to the point where I seriously questioned my sanity. But I learned how to block them through meditation. Now I only see them in my mind’s eye which I prefer. Recently I had became somewhat obsessed with physically seeing my spirit husband. He has physically manifested to me 2 times in 3 years. He did it because he was pissed. Trust me you should stick to seeing them in minds eye or when astral projecting or lucid dreaming. Physically seeing them doesn’t really add to experiences with them.