I have jewelry I tried to consecrate/charge can you tell me looking at pics of it if I succeeded

So can you get any vibes off these pieces of jewelry?

I only tried to consecrate one of them but I may not have succeeded.

I’m not saying which cuz I’m hoping you can pick it out by sending something.

If you don’t sense anything I’ll figure the consecration didn’t take, in which case I’ll just have to try again.

Side 1 of double sided sigil pendant. :arrow_down:

Side 2 of double sided sigil pendant. :arrow_down:

Sigil Pendant 2 :arrow_down:

Sigil pendant 3 :arrow_down:

They aren’t really that big obviously. When I edited out unwanted background in the pic the pic grew bigger go figure.

Add: first try to post thread kept failing to upload so this was a repost after I deleted try 1 where nothing was working.


You consecrated the Lilith one I think.

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@Kish were any of these used before you acquired them?

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@S.Boheme I don’t know. They weren’t supposed to be, I bought them as new, but I did buy them online (not at eBay or anything like that). Someone I asked in pm suggested I may not have cleansed them well enough (the top one or 2). They said the energy was jumbled on it.

Add: regarding top one & top 2 comment. The top 2 pics are the same pendant (it’s a double sided Lilith/Samael pendant).

The connection to the entity in first pic is definitively consacrated

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The pendant 2 ?

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@Mei I was hoping all of them (pendant 2 and 1 are the same pendant one pics the back of it ones the front. It’s double sided).

Was talking about the Azazel one. I usually don’t really feel much from things, but it’s only one I got something from

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So here is my question. How do you guys know? Is it a feeling or is it visual for you?

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@Kish The double sided pendant is definitely cleansed and consecrated - of this I’m sure. However, the energy seemed low in the image. Granted, that is what i sensed 3 days ago and that could just have been the energy that I picked up at that moment of capture. Perhaps another capture of both sides if you please. I also got a distinct sense that it was used for something before- thats why asked. It would explain the “jumbled” feeling that was sensed by someone else.

With regards to the 2nd and 3rd pendant, I would cleanse again - especially the last one.

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@S.Boheme Ok here goes another pair of pics of the double sided pendant if Lilith and Samael. Sorry I’m not very practiced at taking pics with my phones camera.
Edit: Here’s a couple clearer pics instead of what I just tried a sec ago (because they looked a bit blurry on my phone display after I posted.


@Kish OK, so the energy now is like chalk and cheese. I use Death as my focul for everything, i use it to feel for energy.

Lilith has, through the years, come to me in different guises - the masks change but I can always tell. The energy on this pendant is her.

Can I make a suggestion? Do an evocation of Lilith. Place a black (black temple/death majik) candle on the right side of your altar - somewhere, a place where you can focus and push energy - then place a red (Red temple/blood majik) candle on the left side and light both.

Between these temples, place your consecrated pendant. Lilith side up - so to speak. You will need this: V.N.R.T.H. - Higher Priestess serving at Vampirias Disharmonic Templum in Sangrosicrucianum, Lilith evocation.

Focus everything on the pendant, pour all of You into it. When you’re ready, play the Evocation. Its just over 3 and a half minutes in length - so spend whatever time you can before…just readying yourself.

If you would like to take it a step further, I would burn an incense of your choosing - you’ll know if they like it. Setup a camera or cell camera to focus on the altar and the area just behind it (preferably darkened - I hang a dark cloth in psychomanteum) Place incense to the rear or in darkened area, candles to the sides and pendant to the centre. Give it a try. I’ve had some very interesting things happen in that dark space. You need to record/to watch later.

I’m talking too much! I love your pendant, it already has energy you worked on it. Try to push some more :dragon:

I wish you only the best!

@Kish I just wanted to say that I wasn’t trying to be condescending or anything like that by giving you 'evocation instructions - I know you know how to do this!
…or questioning your gifts in any way. I was merely offering my 2cents. Ignore me of I came across like some [email protected]@hole…I don’t often talk to people

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