I have experience using pathworking with the Goetia but I am looking for a new pathworking method that uses offerings instead of abstainance

Hello, I have experience pathworking with the Goetia but all the pathworking methods I know use abstainance. Is there anyway to replace the abstainance with some form of offering instead because the older I get the harder it gets for me to abstain from food and other things.

Gallery of Magic books for the most part don’t use offerings, I think maybe one Hargrove’s book on influential magic recommends that for offerings, but generally speaking his don’t either.

I don’t do offerings, even when I’m following someone else’s work. I sometimes do payments, but not offerings in the traditional sense of the word.

There is a visionary pathworking I haven’t tried, that @Healing_Heart was using a few months ago for the Goetia, and I’m pretty sure it was no offerings involved, if you feel the need to use pathworking’s rather than straight evoking. I’ll see if I can find it on kindle fast, it was in unlimited so I checked it out then returned it.

Edit: this book by Hargrove doesn’t use offerings, and his systems usually work and give results for me.

Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons (Magick of Darkness and Light) - Kindle edition by Hargrove, Corwin. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ AmazonSmile.

and I believe this is the one @Healing_Heart was using:

Goetia illustrated with pathworkings: A modernized Lemegeton with demons’ pathworks and magickal correspondences - Kindle edition by Spartacus, Carl. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ AmazonSmile.


There’s also the “Demons of Magick” from Gordon Winterfield wich use offering(as he mention on his book, you could offer the taste of an apple etc…) if you want or just nothing .
Personnaly I like doing offering later when I think the work is done, it pushes me to re-evoke them and therefore, re-enforcing my bound/connection to them.
I tend to offer good tasting things like fruits or more recently chocolate :yum:

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Thank you, I will check out the Goetia Illustrated With Pathworkings one. Because I actually have the Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove and he said to abstain from something. But the problem I have with abstainance is I have pre-existing medical conditions now that make it risky for me to do fasting.

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Thank you, I actually have that book but I find pathworking to be easier for me personally I have done the petition ritual in there though.

I think he means those as suggestions, not end all and be all’s but I honestly have only used that particular book a few times.

I usually skip all the theatrics and just open a sigil and then make my requests lol.

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You can use the Goetia Pathworking book without doing the abstinence. Many people have done so with success, and Hargrove even mentions that in the book himself. His opinion is that results are better if you do it, but that is, ultimately, only his opinion, and if you have medical conditions that prevent it, then avoid it.

In my opinion, the suggestion of abstinence and fasting hearkens back to the grimoire tradition the spirits of the Goetia come from, where the magician must purify himself and pray to God for the authority to summon the demons, and is wholly unnecessary in modern times.


Thank you so much for this explanation it really helped out a lot. And yeah I developed epilepsy after a accident that happened to me. So if I go to long without food it can cause seizures. Luckily for me that is all the accident really caused me to develop.

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I have pirated copy of goetia pathworking and I am thinking of buying it but I did some ritual from it and many people told me that authors curse there pirated books

I started doing offerings, and then I found it really helps some spirits show up so I can get visuals, that is actually see an outline of the spirit in aluminum foil. I don’t know why this is, but Ronove said “That is how it works.” Maybe that sounds bad, like I’m leaning toward Demonolotry, but I know some people get something out of church, and taking the offerings, like they get some sort of satisfaction out of it. For me, it is just some kind of satisfaction out of just watching them show up. It really has very little to do with results, but I like the visuals as a form of symbolic communication about the nature of the spirit.

The fasting thing is just to bring you closer to death so you can enter altered states of consciousness. It has nothing to do with virtue. The same thing with the abstinence, it is entirely about conserving the sexual energy.

I disagree. You would have to fast for several weeks to a month or more to become “closer to death.” A few days to a week of fasting can be done by anyone of good health with no ill effects at all, not even an alteration in consciousness.

Again, I disagree. Abstinence and fasting in traditional ceremonial magick were almost always done in conjunction with prayer in order to purify the soul so it would be worthy to wield God’s authority to call upon spirits. Sexual energy was not used in ritual, so the conservation of energy wouldn’t be necessary. Abstinence was used as a way to turn the attention from the physical needs onto God, because it involved not just no sex but no sexual thoughts either.