I have casually started to feed

I don’t even get any hangups or guilt anymore. Feeding to me has become just another thing like getting a glass of water. I only feed during my workouts at the gym. There is a lot of healthy people and young vibrant energy. If I am feeling low, I imagine having tentacles and whoever is closest to me, Imagine one of my tentacle is in the their upper back area and feed a little. I try to do it ethically (if that is even a thing in this process) by using some ration and limit. Like I won’t continue feeding on one person more than 10 breath counts. It is a minuscule amount that they would not notice much. I imagine this is the energy they would spend using one floor set of stairs. Then I move on to the next and so on. I do it enough to finish my workout, only when I am feeling out. I already eat healthy, drink protein shakes, do yoga etc,. So, I do have alot of my own energy. I won’t feed more than what my body can handle to process the excess. The excess is what starts the troubles, such as anger burst, low sleep, as your body and spirit don’t know what to do with this extra foreign energy. So, balance is the key.

I am still new. Maybe my second-third month. I used to hate public settings and feeling drained all my life. But now I protect my energy and feed if I feel like it.

To be honest, I have not real sense of telling if its working or all in my mind. I do know I look forward to it as it’s fun for me.