I have advice please?

yes i am new here and i have problem with fowl odor in the vaginas. i go to doctor many time and he say i do not have infection of the yeasts and no sexious disease or cancer but the doctor do not know what cause this. is there spells i can do to fix? every day i wash but odor still stays so who is helping here? how can i make stop the problem. is not a medicine problem and i wash each day. did someone could have curse me? please give advice to this as i am embarrass my boy friend will know of this.

Um, if you’re not trolling just to get a good laugh and are being honest, if your doctor says you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease (we call them STD in the U.S.) or an infection have you ever considered that maybe you’re just not washing your lady parts enough? You said you wash every day if I understood you correctly, because English doesn’t seem to be your first language, but if you try washing yourself multiple times a day and you still stink, could you have a hormonal imbalance or something?

I’ve seen commercials on Tv for prescription creams for women with constant odors that are not caused by disease or infection, something about an imbalance of female hormones. My dad literally drops the remote control trying to change the channel when that commercial comes on so my little girl and little niece don’t start laughing when they say the word vagina. I don’t think there is a spell to remove genital odor, and if there is then I imagine most people would be too afraid to post it online or ask about it. I don’t even know what goddess you could call on for something like that.

I really hope you’re not trolling because this forum is for adults (and teens that can handle themselves maturely) and it would be very childish to joke about something like this.

I call troll.

i not sure what to think. i thought troll was a story from a fairys tale. does it mean i am only fooling? i am not being a joke i have a problem and the doctor do tests and say i am fine. i am too embarrass to ask friends. online is hidden no person to make fun of you in your face. i am worry about it and want private way to fix so i ask for spell as i can do myself. i promise i am clean woman so why the problem wont go away?

This is NOT a forum for medical advice, try typing women’s medical advice forum into a search engine.

Magickally, try asking Hathor for help, she flashed her vulva at her own father because 1. Egyptians generaly had a flexible attutude to the “is my close relative/is a viable bedtime partner” which we don’t really share these days, and 2. she’s generally given to awesomeness, like slaughtering people who annoyed her, until her dad gets her so drunk she passes out.

A vibe I’m feeling right now, readuing today’s posts! :smiley:

No, I don’t have a spell for this, she’s a goddess so just try praying to her. You could also try this method to work with the Archangel of healing, Raphael.

But really your problem seems best handled by medical treatment or a pharmcist, NOT on here.

Oh, and anyone who spams this thread up and has also posted their own desperate chase for access to a vagina can stfu.