I have a theory🧐

So! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the magick cash book, I would buy that except I don’t work with angels at all my energy is like a polar opposite…would there be any possible creations I could make that are similar, but who work with demons instead of angels?

If I’m correct the procedure for the cash book is you write a specific amount and that amount comes to you…what if I possibly made a book with a demon like asteroth or someone else who does money with the same concept? Write a specific amount and it comes to you.:thinking:

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You’re saying I could do this? This idea has been on my mind for a while

The only way to find out is to just do it…


Hm, but my question is would a demon actually be willing to do this

Dude ask the demon lol every demon is a different individual we can’t answer this



It can be done and it isn’t your theory, there is literature about it already.


Oh well I didn’t know it wasn’t MY theory, I legit thought about it and did research but couldn’t find anything that I was thinking of specifically

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Conolly’s “Book of Agares: A manifestation grimoire” is basically what you’re describing. If you’re going to do this, it is worth the read. Is also -30 pages, so you’ll have it done in half and hour at most.


I agree.

I think Connolly’s work is superior to Brand’s, and you can also modify and customize for various Demons, not just for money, but general use.

I made my custom “Book of Dantalion” and it helped me.

You dont have to ask anyone honestly. My favorite thing to do is take a piece of parchment paper, write a dollar amount i need in green ink. Sometimes I add blood sometimes not and then just wait for it. I have some take less than an hour, some a bit longer. I just ask the universe. No one in particular.

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Oh so just changing out agares with any demon for whatever purpose you need and it’ll work? Seems like an interesting book method or do I have to use agares?

Yes. Just change the Demon.

I find that modifying and combining rituals to make them more personal to myself gives the work more power.

The book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons has a demon with this power. There’s a demon to increase your income and also a demon to attract money for a specific purpose.

If you ask for ridiculous amounts, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Think about what you actually need the money for. Do you need a mansion? Perhaps, but unless you’re already pretty close to mansion-money don’t expect it to manifest anytime soon. Eventually? Yeah, it can happen. You can go ahead and ask for it now if that’s what you want, but don’t expect it to manifest completely until you’ve ascended up in financial status more.

Why do you feel the need to do money magick? What is lacking in your life? What do you have already, but you are concerned about sustaining? Look to your immediate needs that you have right now first. When I would summon this demon, I’d make a list of all the things I want/need to be buying, everything from food to online subscriptions to drugs to books. I then estimated about how much each of these things cost every month. Sum it all up and you get a monthly estimate.

There are a few different ways you can do this sort of magick. I think it’s good to come up with a number (the specific currency, like USD, is just there for your own understanding - I’ve seen money come in many forms, physical and electronic), but you don’t have to give the demon this number in your request. You could instead make a request like, “I ask that you bring me the money for my monthly expenses.” You’ll notice that the important part is specifying what you want the money for, in this case your usual, regular expenses. If you know what you mean, the demon will also know. Clarifying in your magickal journal also helps.

Do you need to do this ritual every month? That’s up to you. If you are in an unstable or undesirable financial situation, it probably wouldn’t hurt. If you notice that your expenses get paid just fine, then you don’t have to do magick to manifest what is already happening. Instead, I would focus on expansion.

So what if your routine expenses are covered? Then you could request money for more presently/previously out of reach things. Maybe you want a new car, or a new phone, or some more money for restaurant food, or anything else you’d like. Here as before, I think it’s good to come up with a number and write it down, and also to be specific about what you want. You want a car? What kind? You don’t need to be super duper exactly specific, but “I want this model, this year, this color” can work better than “a new car sure would be nice.” That being said, I’ve manifested a car before when I needed one, and I didn’t specify these things, so do what feels right for your ritual.

Personally, my favorite financial thing to attract are investments. That’s like attracting a sum of money that attracts a sum of money, that attracts a sum of money, that attracts a sum of money, etc. I do both short- and long-term rituals for these, gradually increasing the values.

In my experience, money magick works best when you do it regularly. You don’t have to do it every day, but regularly summoning demons to increase your income and attract money for the specifics in your life keeps you on the path to ever-increasing abundance. Be patient and let it work.

I love lucifer and the hidden demons it’s one of the books I have on demons that I like

I like reading magick books. I like doing magick more.