I have a lot of cult idealization but I don't know how to satisfy it

The idea of being in a higher trust segment of society and having and enough socially acceptable touching to prevent my body from throwing anxiety errors, instead of the “be your own hero” atomization seems so appealing to me.

Did anyone understand a word of this? Cuz i sure didn’t


Nope, missed me with that shit too.


This is difficult to understand, but to me it sounds like you may be saying you want more human touch and connection, instead of trudging on your own in isolation?

I think he’s saying he wants to join a cult so he doesn’t feel touch starved.

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Well if you find one like the one in midsomer please let me know! Ive may queen aspirations, and i know i could beat out the other girls round the pole!

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I am able to satisfy it some by accepting that I, in some respects, like being abused, especially by my goddesses. I was inspired by this Sam Vaknin Interview with Hema Bajaj.