I have a demon in me right now! I thought it didn’t go in me

Alright so a few days ago I woke up to something trying to enter my chest. I pushed back until it stopped. But today I was laying in bed. And I felt it in my body moving around. And during my meditation my foot moved on it’s own. And my body has been moving on it’s own somewhat. I still have control if my body.

How do I pray to archangel Michael? I stopped loving and caring about people a long time ago. So yeah. What is it I can do? What am I allowed to do when I’m possessed? And if I am just the spectator during full possession. How do I fight it if I’m just a spectator?

Well im with LHP so what i would do is evoke Satan and kindly ask him to help you. But when i wasnt my wife had been in the same situation you are in and I did the Exercism myself so if you know anyone who you can trust that wont think your crazy have them do it.

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The four angels that you should evoke are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Samael, and Abaddon. They are like the bouncers of heaven, bringing the wrath of God down upon people. They are the top four divine warriors of the angelic realm. When I evoke angels, because most angels don’t have sigils, I would intone the phrase, “Baruch ata [insert angel name]” and repeat that over and over until I felt the presence of the angel. The baruch is Hebrew, so pronounce the ch like in Achmed, clear your throat.

I mean… you don’t really have to be to reach out to Michael.

Full possession means the host has lost consciousness and the spirit has taken full control of the body. You can’t really fight it since you’re essentially in a sleep-like state.