I have a crush on King Paimon

This was the first demon I felt drawn to before I even considered working with demons, back when the idea of working with demons, or forming relationships but if demons seemed ludicrous to me. I come from a Christian family, and it took a lot of me to turn my back on Christianity. It was not something that happened overnight, but gradually over time. One of the things I have struggled with, was relieving myself of Christian indoctrination, and years worth of fear instilled within me of the unknown and especially of demons. This is why I believe Christianity and their indoctrination to be child abuse, because long after I renounce Christianity, I still found myself haunted by its propaganda, and fearful. King Paimon was one of the very first demons I thought to learn about. I can honestly say that if it were not for him, I wouldn’t even be open to the idea. I read about him, I read people’s experience with him, and I feel like I know this demon, before even evocation or invocation. Back when I thought I was free from my Christian indoctrination to be able to form a proper relationship with these demons, I actually wasn’t ready, because fear engulfed me. So to overcome my phobia of demons, I had to reprogram my subconscious mind, in my perception of demons. I read positive stories about people who work with demons, and the positive impact demons have had in their lives. Also, because I am already very fond of King paimon, I continued to look up information on him. Belial is another demon I temporarily took interest in, but in all honesty, he’s scary. Despite the fact that I wasn’t as interested in him, his name kept randomly popping up in my dreams. I would randomly mention him, or a character in my dream would randomly mention him, despite the fact that I wasn’t researching him, and I wasn’t interested in working with him. His name, Belial, specifically kept popping up in my head and especially in my dreams, despite being less comfortable with him. From what I read, Belial is a stereotypical Demon. I’ve seen testimonies from women where they say he is very gentle, but then I have seen experiences from men, where they say he is very brass and he sounds intimidating. For the very first time, King Paimon was named dropped in a dream I had last night. I documented the dream on YouTube. I had a dream that I was in Africa, the dream had nothing to do with him. I was in Africa, and I was farming. When I went into This Woman’s house, she had a picture of King paimon on her coffee table. I looked at it, and I got excited because I recognized the picture. I also asked her if she knew who this was. I was basically fangirling over it. I noticed a strange schedule at the bottom of the picture, that was very unique. It did not look like either of King Paimon’s sigils. I’ve noticed online there are two variations of his sigil, and this sigil for him in my dream was neither of them. That was actually one of the things that I noticed inside of my dream, and that I acknowledged inside of the dream, that this sigil for him did not look like sigil that I am familiar with, that most people can easily find online. This sigil was very different. In the photo of King paimon this woman have in her house, he was on top of the Dromedary, but rather than sitting on top of a carpet over the Dromedary hump, he was sitting on top of a human that was laid out across the Dromedary. Just going to say camel, because I’m using Google Voice to Text, and I’m not even sure if that’s how you spell it. So this human’s body with laid over the Camel’s Hump, and he sat on top of the human’s limp body, on the camel. That was something I also found odd inside of the dream, and acknowledged. My mother was in this dream. Somehow I was in the United States, and no longer in Africa. I went into my room, and walked past my mother. I was so very excited that I had this picture of King paimon, and I told my mother about the photo, describing it to her. I told her that rather than a carpet over the Dromedary hump, there was a human body limb playing over the hump, and he sat on top of the body as though he was riding it. I can’t have everything my mom said he had a dream, but she basically told me that demons aren’t something to be played with? I can’t remember. Either way, in the dream I wasn’t hearing it no, because my mom is a devout Christian, and I didn’t have time for her negativity. So I go into my room, and I lay down in my bed. I usually sleep naked, and in this dream, I was back inside of my normal room. Inside of this dream I was still thinking about the strange the jewel that was on the bottom of the artwork, that I never seen before. I was laying in bed, thinking about you, in this dream, and I remember in the dream calling to him to come to me. The emotions that I felt inside of this dream for very positive. Like the feeling you get when you miss someone, and you finally get to see them again. The dream didn’t feel like a nightmare, like it was scary. The-Dream felt very positive. I was very happy and I felt very warm inside of the dream, like that feeling you get when you’re with your crush. Usually when I think about King paimon, I have very positive emotions. So that’s a good thing.


That’s great that you feel so positive and happy around him! I would totally suggest you try evoking Belial too. Both Paimon and Belial have a great sense of humour, they’re very friendly and helpful!


I can relate. A lot of the time I know when he’s around because I feel not only protected but very calm and confident. Normally I have to deal with my depression or low self esteem. But when ever he’s around I feel the complete opposite. At times I feel he may have what I call hidden attributes to him that he may or may not express to everyone. For example when he first came to me it wasn’t like how others experience it or majority of people. They say he’s strict and business like. Don’t like small chit chat. But when he came to me he was quite but very loving and warm. At first I thought it was someone els until the two guys popped up and looked directly behind me and one said in a serous tone “King Paimon”. So I knew no doubt it was him.
So with these people I feel they may come to some differently maybe because of personality? Maybe they just hold different feelings for them? Maybe they just feel a click like any other being would when they meet a friend possibly more? Who knows.


Definitely! He will show different sides to different people, depending on their relationship with Him, which goes for all the spirits. Sometimes there is already a connection (prior to this lifetime) without us knowing it, but He knows and therefore He presents Himself differently and maybe less business-like with certain people.

He is wonderful at building up your confidence and exposing weaknesses while empowering you at the same time. He won’t feed into your ego and flatter you, but show you what true confidence is.


Don’t some of these spirits send some of their legion intermediaries in their stead for assist/companionship/link/connection when they have more important things to attend to; thus why when they are summoned its best to get to the point/ritual instead of small talk?

True, but some people connect more easily/ strongly with them directly. Generally speaking, when you contact a spirit for the first time, get to the point right away. If you “click”, there might be more opportunities for more communication later. I can only speak from my own experience, and I’ve only ever dealt with King Paimon Himself. But I was introduced to a spirit from His legion who would be sent to take care of a situation.


This does explain a lot to me at least given how he just came to me like that without any ritual or any thing big. I didn’t even hold his sigil or say a incantation. I do feel this odd way of maybe I have worked with him in the past but have long forgotten. I’m still in the process of rebuilding our connection.

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I’d love to contact King Paimon, but the Keys of Solomon (where I’m getting the sigils and enns) state you need a sigil cast in gold to contact any of the kings.

Is this a requirement? I don’t have bars of gold lying around like Solomon :upside_down_face:

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You can print it or even draw it by yourself on paper.

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Thank you, I’ve worked with jeweling in the past but holy shit I was thinking about how much of a pain it would be to make a sigil for every goetic demon.

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I currently use the Lucifer’s Tarot, all the sigils in my pocket and with great illustrations of the demons


First time I’ve heard of those, just checked them out and they seem super useful! I’ll have to pick up a deck when I’m back in the country :smiley:

My biggest hangup right now is incorporating aspects of Solomonic ritual without completely copying it. I’m used to precise geometry and really boring, complicated set-ups because I thought that was the only way to make it work.

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Complex ritual stuff is not necessary. The demons will answer if they want to answer, the ammount of symbols on the floor and candless won’t make you more worthy. Do what you can do with the resources you can get,


Its all about your will and the energy, tools does not matter but use what you have


I have a crush on a lot of spirits but maybe I’m just a spiritual prostitute whore now. There are times the obsession is so great so I have to stay away from triggers. Spirit gang bangs though make me lick my lips in lust so I’m always looking at the spirits at the top of their hierarchy and then the legions. Sounds silly or obsessive but the more I work in the current the more it sort of consumes the mind.

And it seems when I completely don’t think about it or block it I sense annoyance or frustration at times. I’m not even sure what my spirit self looks like but its not what my meat suit looks like which i’m quite attached to. I always think i’m younger, more upbeat, and hot. Eh… my mind or merging of essence could be giving me delusions (probably).


I’m absolutely heartbroken that I left my censer back my favorite church.

I know the tools aren’t necessary, but if I can find a way to incorporate a censer I absolutely will :sob:

I don’t know why I put “favorite” church, I meant favorite censer

I’m not welcome at that church :joy:

This sums it all up - YouTube