I have a couple Deja vu questions. Anyone?

Does anyone know how the mechanics of deja vu

For example if it’s a future self sending you a message how is it even possible?

If it’s not a something from a future self what causes it?

There are a variety of theories on the possible causes of deja vu, but the true mechanics of the phenomena are unknown because the experience is so fleeting, and can happen without warning, that it is practically impossible to do any sort of in-depth neurological study on it.

Most researchers, however, agree that it is related to memory function in some way, and, though it is often a symptom of neurological disorders like temporal lobe epilepsy, and dementia, it also happens to people with no underlying health conditions. There is no real data on how often deja vu occurs in the population, but it is estimated that around 60-80% of people will experience it at least once in their life.

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