I have a chance game in my country and the chance to win is 1:1,000

is it possible to win with the help of magic??

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The book The Miracle of New Avatar Power has loads of contests and gambling style invocations in it.

One of the mentions the spirit Labezerin (pronounced LAH-BEES-EAR-EEN) and this is that mighty being’s sigil:



You can do what Eva said

Do the nap ritual everyday from point a to point b for 11 days


You can use divination and see if Pabiel is ready to work with you. Bethor the olimpic spirit is an excellent choice too.

Also working with Regulus the Star can help with popularity and fame

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Bethor is good

His nature is of jupiter and can give dignities and cast open treasures

I will pray to him and his character

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