I hate school..!?

I left Christianity when I was in high school. I initiated myself into LHP. Ever since my dedication to Lucifer, A natural hatred for school built up in me… I felt like I was trapped in a certain sort of slavery. Now believe me when I say, I am not stupid, I have a very high IQ. Always was number one in my high school, and never got below 90% in Mathematics.

But I deeply hate school. After accomplishing my high school I went to Russia for further Studies. (And I did this through Magic​:sunglasses::wink:). But after two years I ended up Dropping out. I have dreams of pursuing Music, so far things have not worked out as I want but I am getting there.

I came back from abroad and I am supposed to be joining Campus this October, I literally feel deep pain When I think about school. But that’s the only thing I can do until things are musically straight for me. I don’t know what to do to let this pain slide. I feel so bad. I even wish escaping this Lifetime, which is obviously not a choice until my journey in this Lifetime is accomplished. Comments please

Well high IQ dont mean you cant be stupid(;

But seriously If you fell that hatred for school then odds are that you will not performa so well.
If you have been studying nonstop then it might be the simple fact that you are bored with school many ppl feel that way.
But If you wanna pursue music and cant stand school then Why dont you try find a job insteed of going back to school?

Hahahahahahahaha It’s true being stupid has nothing to do with IQ, I just meant academically, I got the brains.

The people around me(parents etc) expect me to study, and unless otherwise I Have no Choice. I am at the moment meditating to acquire a job, I even invoked Volac/Valak yesterday. Until I am financially stable I can’t be able to deny studying. It’s just so painful. Wanted to know if anyone felt the same way I do

Sure i can understand the feeling, after highschool i was so feed up with studies that i skiped collage and started working insteed. Never had any preasure on me for higher academic stifts from family thou.
Worked for 13 years and now im back in school getting a engineering deegre in the filés ive been working for the last couple of years.
But now i wanna study and do this and is motivated, something i never thought was possible 13 years ago.
Point is there is a time and place for everything.
I dont know what you study now but If you still manage ot and its something with a future Well it may be worth to complete anyway, that way you ha e something to fall back on, but If you are so feed up with it so that you likely will fail Well then perhaps a job for a year two would be a good break. Have a talk with your parents and tell them you arent clear of what you want, show them you ha e thought alot on it and hopefully they can understand and respect that.
Heck work 2 years and live cheap and save your money and then go backpackkng for 6 months or something and see If you are ready for studies then or whatever feels right for you.(:

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Thanks for the advice

I worked hard to get into an engineering program myself. Was awakened to the fact that the Path is real, and quickly lost interest in my studies. It was bad. I dropped out. I wish I had caught the change earlier. I will reach my goals, but I will do it on my own terms. It’s not easy to go against what society wants for you, but if you stick to your own ethics and plan, I think the success you have will mean more than any piece of paper given to you by this sad institution of drone manufacturing…

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Are you going to a liberal arts college? If it’s a college focused heavily on the arts then it could be a different exp than what you already had.

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No. I will be joining a Financial Economic University. Not Liberal arts. Why would Liberal arts be different? @chi

Well you said your goal is to do music so I assumed you’d be going to an arts school.

From what I’ve heard, schools mainly focused on the arts (i.e. liberal arts schools) have a more relaxed atmosphere and they tend to be more close knit so making relationships is easier.

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Yeah it’s true. I hope things will get better, and go my way. I’ll go with the flow until things get to go the way I want them to.

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Just try to immerse yourself into the whole college scene and you’ll be able to make it work

Or what I do is like find things to do that make college easier. I play online video games, spend time on the forum and do my occult stuff in my dorm. I honestly don’t really like college? Its no different from high school for me but I have to make the best of the situation and I know you can to :slight_smile:


I did too left christianity and also quit school after 3 years of Bachelor in Theology. Was back in 2011. Now i dedicate myself to full-time meditation, tantra & healing. Income comes easy with relaxation and clear mind.

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