I had an incredible experience!

So, I’ve been practicing entering the Theta-Gamma Sync daily because I want to get better at it. Today, I did a quick energy release meditation, and felt extremely relaxed. I opened my eyes and looked at the corner between my wall and the ceiling and relaxing my eyes. Immediately, I began to see the static rain and I was aiming for the rapture (a state I have yet to attain) and after what felt like three minutes with my eyes open, my vision began to darken, but then my eyes started to burn from being open too long. So, I was forced to shut my eyes, and then I started seeing something.

It was nightime and I saw a ship and someone was hanging from its railings about to jump in. I flew to him and picked him up and he said, “What are you doing? It’s safe down there.” So, I dropped him and he started swimming, then he dived and he just kept swimming down.

I then went down to the water and waded on the surface, afraid that if I dived under the water that I would drown. But the boy came up and said, “Come under with me. It’s safe down there.” So, I did and I was surprised to find that I could breathe under the water.

As I was swimming, I saw a dragon swimming though the ocean. He got near me and I grabbed onto his head and rode him under the water for a bit. Eventually, I jumped let go and let myself drop to the bottom of the ocean.

When I got there, five beams of light began to surround me in successive order (one came after another). I saw people who looked so bright come down with the rays of light.

This is where things get interesting. If anyone remembers, I highly sought immortality as a goal when I used to post on here.

The beings all spoke in perfect unity. They said, “Hello, [REDACTED], seeker of life eternal, finder of the holy ambrosia, and sharer of the sweet amrita. We have been watching you, and have seen you return from your silent hiccup back onto your path. We are immortals who are your teachers.”

After they said this they all flew upwards in successive order and the last one grabbed my hand. Suddenly, my location changed, I was in a very detailed world (which I believe to be earth). And we stopped at the summit of a mountain. The five men took a five minute hike from the summit and one of them beckoned me to where he was. I saw a 30-year old Asian man sitting cross-legged in full lotus position. The entity who beckoned me over said, “This is my body.” I looked at him with shock, “You’re Chinese?” He said, “Yes, and I am 128 years old.”

Then they all began to speak in unison again, “[REDACTED], grow in vitality, power, and knowledge. We will return to speak with you, do not seek us. When the time is right, we will seek you.”

“What about sex,” I asked, “am I allowed to be promiscuous or is that a waste of my energy?”

They replied, “Abstinence is best, but if you do have sex make sure that it is in a relationship where there are deeper dynamics than the transfer of energy by vital fluids such as semen. But remember, daily you must train in vitality, power, and knowledge.”

Then, they all flew away again. And I was left alone on the nameless Chinese mountain. I thought to myself that I should go, but I was unsure how. Then, I noticed a beam of light coming out of my chest. And I intuited that if I yanked it I would leave. So, I did, and I came to with my left hand asleep.


Yeah, can you tell more and describe the detailed world?

Umm, that’s about it, nothing else. And the sudden increase of detail looked like our world. We came blasting out of the ocean and traveling very fast before we got to the mountain summit.

Interesting symbolism, inverting the concept of the ocean full of fish - the ancient symbol of souls ready and waiting to be netted by Jesus and his apostles, which btw never ends well for the fish, does it?! lol!!

Also, you woke with your left hand needed to renew its blood flow, its basic nourishment and sensitivity.

I can’t help but feel this dream is a rest after the one that temporarily drew you back to Christianity.

I never even thought about my left hand going numb as being a symbol. But when you point it out, it makes so much sense. Oh my gods!