I had a dream about fighting the devil

Can someone tell me what this means? Before I started practicing magick I had the same dream a lot. It would be me and a bunch of angels on my sides and around me and I had some sword and I fought the devil. Sometimes the devil would say something but I don’t remember what they said. Can someone tell me what this could’ve meant?

Sounds like the angels were trying to recruit you

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Reminds me of a dream my father had that he told me about. He chased the devil through the woods before gaining on him, grabbing him by the tail and beating the everliving shit out of him before leaving him tied to a tree.

His interpretation: “I’m such a hardass that the devil himself has nothing on me”



The only significance the dream has is whatever you give to it.

It’s a really common “good versus evil” motif in Western culture, so I wouldn’t read too much into it beyond that.


Perhaps you have a Christian calling


Thank you all, And I am definitely not christian

It may mean that you are/belong of the light side… but who knows…

Probably one of several possible explanations.

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I have, on several recent occasions, dreamed of fighting both demons and angels (and getting my ass thoroughly kicked by them) so I wouldn’t wrack your brain over it. As I said above, the significance to the dream is mostly whatever you decide to give it. We can give opinions on possible interpretations all day, but ultimately only you can find the meaning.

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Hmm are you sure it LHP, licks hand before leaning over.

Hi monring Star,
As there is more than one devil do you have the name of the one you fought.

I have fought and beaten many devils, killed a couple all in self defense but I know their names. My suggestion is based on the fact I do a lot of astral travelling and contact with spirits / entities in other realms whilst in a sleep state, contrary to what some may tell you, dreams can be very literal and completely real, as real as the conscious state of reality / world.
If you were with angels then its more than likely they were helping you get something away or out of your life that wanted to cause you harm, lead you astray etc. As a general rule you can always trust angels but demons and devils will always be well untrustworthy., In your case stick with the angels.
And yes spirits / demons and devils can be killed, most don’t think so and they will never tell you that. I have killed many all in self defense quite simply unless they are killed or starved they will live on and on but if they get killed or their energy is turned from negative to positive etc they effectively become dead and a completely different life force ./ vibration etc. Think of it like highlander if you’ve seen the movie or the series, the immortals are immortal so long as they don’t lose their heads, spirits, entities etc are really very similar.

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You had me, you really had me… and then you came up with this … oh man :laughing: