I got the key to yesod, can't even use it without doing some hardcore training

So I open the door to yesod and feel the breeze in front of me… except I don’t see a thing. And I can’t project.

I need some very hardcore training to be able to communicate and see. Give me your astral cocaine workout.


I love reading your posts they are so entertaining

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I just hope I’m not coming off as “The daughter of lucifer” entertaining. These things actually happen because I’m indecisive and stupid. But now I got a path!


now it is going the get very interesting for you after yesod

According to Jewish Kabbalah, Yesod is the foundation upon which God has built the world.

According to the writer Dion Fortune, Yesod is considered to be "of supreme importance to the practical occultist…the Treasure House of Images, the sphere of Maya, Illusion.

courtesy of Wikipedia

I find Tiferet to be a very interesting one as I believe it is the start of the balancing the other 2 Sefirot on the side

Entertaining is a good description

No one answered my question :((

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I did not see a question, what was it?

Also, each Sphere has an Archangel attributed to it, maybe try connecting to the Yesod Archangel