I got the call to work with voodoo

What do I need to know before I start?

I found myself obsessing over the veve of Damballah. as well as Papa Legba.

The swamps of Louisiana are really calling to me. I’ve never had a call to work with in Voodoo, but now I have, and I’m going to answer.

Of course, I also said I would never work within necromancy, I also said I would never work with black magick, so every single Hardline I set, I cross over like I’m wearing fucking rocket boots


oooooookay. so for starters try drawing the veve of papa legba for 21 days straight. the first week by traxing the veve, the rest by drawing them from memory. u xan use a brown paper bag xut into strips(reminds me of papyrus) or just use white xopy paper. all the while drawing the veves invoke, evoke papa legba and ask him to open the gates or path ways into the voodoo xurrent. first sight of legba for me was in dreams as well as in the physixal world as an “older gentleman who smiles”. during the 21 day period and on any monday during this time go to a xrossroads and leave 4 pennies faxe down on eaxh xardinal dirextion(west,east, north,south). with eaxh dirextion set with the pennies say, “papa legba ur xhildren r xalling” 4 times and move to the next dirextion. of xourse if u feel u have more to say than just “papa ur xhill’en r xalling” by all means go for it. this is the initiative ritual that is believed to bring rixhes. but not just physixal world rixhes.

another way to initiate urself is an alxohol and tobbaxxo offering for papa legba. try possession of legba while tipsy enough to know “im a lil tipsy”. In doing so u take on the personality of legba temporarily. also kno that possession is nothing like fuxk ass Hollywood wants us to believe. this is pretty muxh the base of operations for first xontaxt for the voodoo spirits.

u xan look up ritual formats off utube that fit ur desired path. u state u dont wish to xommune with the darker aspexts of the xraft. i assume ur new to magii let alone nexra magii and death magii. if this is the xase then u prolly gotta burn down the veil that has u quite biased. if u need help pm me for any questions u may have or for resourxes.


Are you a member of the Bloods, or do you just have an aversion to the letter c?


uh in a way its nex romantix. a xlose friend died whos name started with a c. in doing this its using the energy of both the murder, grief of loss and energy she held while on this plane.

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Either I mistyped it, or you misread it. I’ve been doing this for a long time, I routinely put my sanity on the line. I lost access to my first account on here.

Necromancy, black magic, exorcisms, Voodoo is just another step. I want to see what Voodoo has to offer, May nothing be left unknown to me.


Very interesting.

You are truly devoted to your friend, I hope that the murderer hurts terribly every day of their short life.


Papa Legba is a great guy to work with. And you don’t even have to be in the Voodoo current. He has helped me a lot.


yah while proof reading the urge or notion xame to me that u were far from new then i went ur page and it xonfirmed it,

as far as blaxk magixk goes dude its like this, everything in ur universe is subjextive perxeption. the forxes of light and dark r still however the same xonxluding within the sourxe(it draws baxk to the sourxe). to work with blaxk magix is the means of working with an unknown varible multiplied by will.

have u worked with the qliphox or the sephora before?

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Nope. I kind of take the more dangerous route, if I’m told to pursue a path, I pursue it as long as I I am told to do so.

It’s driven me directly to the point of insanity before. But I like to take chances with my sanity. I like to get 2 that point whenever I can’t tell if the walls are real or not, that’s generally when I know I need to back off.


lol i like ur method of xhaos sir. i mean whos to say working both qliphox and voodoo is impossible tho


If your embrace the fact that you are indeed a God in human form, then you realize that nothing is impossible.

The only trick is figuring out how to accomplish what it is that you seek to accomplish.

I tend to set goals that are generally impossible, just so I can overcome them. I did make a mistake here and there, but I learn from my mistakes, and I move forward.

I’ve set beings loose that I shouldn’t have set loose, I’ve waited to the point of death to get rid of a death servitor that was slowly killing me, I’ve pissed off ancient goddesses, and I’ve angered certain gods.

I’ve slapped demons in the mouth, and I flipped off an angel directly to his face. I’ve also shown reverence to gods and goddesses, been damned in three separate faiths, and I have embraced spiritual Oblivion.

It can be disorienting, scary, damn near impossibly destructive , but you must follow your calling. If you refuse to follow the calling, you shut down entire paths.

I’ve survived many things that I should not have survived, died twice physically, and was destroyed spiritually a number of times now, and possessed so many times I’ve lost count, and I’ve thrown caution to the wind.

As I embrace my spiritual destiny, I tread carelessly where even demons fear to walk, and I’ve seen what lies beyond the light of God.

I’ve been directly to the edge of creation, seen the birth of the universe Through The Eyes of Kronos, and laughed as Universe after Universe was created and destroyed at a whim.

As EA Koetting has so eloquently stated, we are not men seeking to become gods, we are Gods who successfully become men.

I’m not trying to say I’m some super black magician, I’m just me. Many people have done more than I have, I simply want to experience at all. The possessions, the soul rending Agony of being Damned, the absolute Joy of being uplifted and held Aloft in the celestial realms. The absolute heartache of having a spiritual companion torn from me.

As I stated earlier, May nothing be unknown to me.


Go to a crossroad with rum and cigar in hand. Call on Legba and state your intent.

Continue to invoke him daily. He will show you the way.

Anything else is just complicating it.


I was thinking more along the idea of the pennies, rum, and veve. But I like your idea. As soon as I get started, I’ll document my progress.


Looking forward to it. :+1::muscle::sunglasses:

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Never say never! It’s amazing how many of us swore not to mess with something, only to become adepts at it.

I am very reserved when it comes to ATR traditions. A big part of me thinks that ATR entities must be worked with within the relevant tradition. But plenty of people here have success stories of working with them outside the relevant tradition. :man_shrugging:t4:


Vodoo is ok to practice i guess. I find it too much rhp oriented - right hand path. I channelled Papa Legba, very good looking charming spirit and he told me we can be friends but this Voodoo religion is for other people.


I sincerely implore those interested in vodou to work with an initiate of vodou and seek proper divination by a mambo/houngan to see if you truly have the spirits blessings…
These arent spirits you just run up to and play with. Not practicing spookism here but if you poke the bear without knowing what you’re doing… be prepared for its wrath. There is no self initiation in vodou… this isnt wicca


I don’t know if people have to go to haiti because if these are Africans Gods why go there not the homeland all those people died longing to see again, where all their ancestors came from… or why go there 2 get initiated? And is Haiti Atlantis? Just questions in my mind a lot… sorry.

Can you get vodou initiated in Africa for the same spirits?

I wish i knew some powerful fast-money vodou!!! But no animal sacrifice please

speak to xlaunexk or tezrian, whixh rnt voodoo spirits but they help with the bridge

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You’d go to Haiti to initiate into Haitian Vodou, and go to Africa (usually Benin or Ghana) to initiate into African Vodun. Haitian Vodou is its own path since it was created by priests making a pact with the spirits to win the Haitian revolution. The African forms of Vodou/Vodun are older and evolved separately from the diaspora paths. So it really depends on which spirits call you.

But if you don’t believe in animal sacrifice, I do not recommend any path of Vodou. Just saying.