I got my new Tarot deck last night!

…and I stayed up three hours past my bed time charging the deck and the individual cards. I got the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, and it has the world’s sexiest Devil card ever (see attachment).

All in all, I am pleased with my purchase, if anyone would like a free reading so that I can practice my divination skill please comment below and I will send you a P.M.

I’ll take one :slight_smile:

I would love one :slight_smile: Thank you!

Sure, I’m in.

Why not?

I’m down for one, if the offer is still open.

I could always use a second opinion. Sure I would like a Reading.

I’d love one

Ashtkerr is a skilled reader. You all won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

It looks very beautiful. I enjoy using Tarot as well. I wish you many wonderful hours using your new deck.

This was the first tarot deck I’ve ever had…was easy for me to use, picked up on everything in every card like I had been reading tarot for years.

If you have time to do a reading for me, I wouldn’t mind that one bit

Just so everyone knows, because my life is fairly busy I limit myself to one reading per day. So, sorry if I take too long to get to you.

no worries here I can be patient :wink:

Thank you, Ashtkerr for the strong Tarot reading today. It was right on. You have given me much to think about, and this confirms many things for me.

righton can’t wait for mine :smiley:

Ash’s reading was dead on about my personality. I’m not going to reveal what that is here and I trust he will do the same, nonetheless that does not take the quality of the reading away. In addition, aside from telling me about myself, he also made a prediction based on some occult things I’ve told literally nobody about that I started recently, and I am too impressed to say otherwise.

Same as the reading for me, brother. It resonates to the readings you gave me.

The reading I received was quite interesting. It was accurate in a couple of personal details and painted an intriguing picture of my spiritual self.

Well done, my friend. Thank you.

I would be interested in one if possible

Impressed. Even though it wasnt evidently clear at first he drew a couple more and it brought out more accurate information as it has to do with my Pathworking. Interestingly the cards of choice did align with certain symbols and visions I work with. Thats a big thing, I believe someone called it Augury where one learns to read from different areas of ones life. I just find it jeat how things line up.