I Gained Invaluable Results From The Norse Gods! The Gods Will Smile When You Do It Yourself!

I Gained Invaluable Results From The Norse Gods!… But I Found My Greatest Trial Was To Rely Only On Myself!… The Gods Will Smile When You Do It Yourself!!!

“The gods will smile upon you if you can do it yourself”. I made this statement in my very first conversation with E.A Koetting. When discussing the magick I had learned in my pathworking of the Vitki system I explained that while the Gods can be called upon to give you results they will respect you more if you can do it without them. This statement still rings true today perhaps even more so in my developments since. I worked with several of the Gods in my pathworking. The Allfather Odin, The Mighty Thor, The Righteous Tyr not to forget old Loki and beautiful Freyja. However, in my work with them I learned one very important lesson…

“Why is it that the gods give with one hand… and take with the other?”- Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings TV Show)
I remember one of the most synchronistic moments in watching the Vikings TV show one night after my work. It was the scene where Ragnar loses his unborn baby. It hit me like a hammer of relativity. I was at a point in my life where mine was crumbling. I was watching the things I thought I was meant to have crumble before me and new things come forth. I asked myself the same thing to my old Patron Thor that cold snowy winter night in Flagstaff Arizona. “Thor why do you provide me with something I grow to love, care and fight for but then take it away in the name of progress and sacrifice? Worst of all then judge me for it”. I realised where the Gods really stood in my path.

The path to Ascent doesn’t begin when asking Gods and Entities to provide you with riches and manifestations in the circle. No, that what dabblers do. Ascent, begins when you stop asking the Gods to provide and you begin to do it yourself with your own Godlike power. Your own creative divinity within. This was my lesson, to work with the Gods, and learn from them, but manifestation is up to me… not them.

The Path Of The Vitki/Volva Is One Of Responsibility In All Aspects!… To Rely On Gods For Necessity Is Not Enough!!!

The path of the Vitki is a system of magick that requires the practitioner to take full control of their life and this means responsibility, accountability and most of all to be independent. While we all need a helping hand sometimes to ask the Gods to give handouts is a risk and I am the example of this. They can help by teaching you, but the more you ask of them in terms of manifestation the more you risk other things being taken away from you. Yet, when you begin to take your control back and make the manifestations you need through your own will and magick you become the God. This is part of the reason we do this. In this pathworking building favour with the Gods is necessary as is dedication. But the reason for this is not to cash in a handout check. It is to learn from them and be taught the skills to help you climb the ladder of ascent.

My pathworking system cuts out this cheap offer and receive magick and gives you a system that will force you to adapt into taking full control of your life. To rely on the Gods for all your needs is to give away all of your divine power to do that yourself and as a spiritual entity it makes you weak. It is for this reason many fail at this system. They want results but try to get another figure to do it for them. My system will give you back your power and provide you with the tools to allow that power to take you to the throne on which the Gods sit. Do not be a slave to the gods…. Be a god!

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!
Asbjorn Torvol


Very well said, all of this message, it’s so much desparately needed right now. We need to start looking more within instead of out and above. So needed. Thanks much for this very valuable and practical information.

In Godlike power and boldness,
I’m -Phil a/k/a Alan Elohim


A post a while back when I joined BALG I mention to the people here to remember not to become engulfed in the simple process of summoning spirits. This is not ascent. This is dabbling and gains us little power.

The Gods are here to teach us, to give us knowledge. Sure they are willing to help along the way, but why do they teach us? They WANT us to learn the skill ourselves, to learn to be strong as they are, and for us to flourish in light, becoming our own Gods and creating our own path. Not for us to just summon spirits to make requests.


YES! I love this!


Hello. I watched your video on this matter.

I have had a similar experience with Odin, in a way that I felt played only to come out the other side to learn things I really needed to learn, as far as my life and Him. Basically I’ll never seriously ask him for directions when I should and can myself, and he intentionally mislead me in a huge way just so I learned never to do it again. If that makes sense.

Over the course of a year, i have yet to really ever ask of anything of the gods in a “want” sense, and as stupid as this sounds even my Norse related magick has never been about results. I am missing some information I believe ha!