I found a spirit that will bring you money if you sing for him

His name is Donemus-Tevehian (or simply Donemus) and looks like a 25 years old man who wears green clothes and has 3 white horns on his head. You can play any instrument of sing with your voice for him.

I met him in the astral plane three months ago and I tested his power in September. (I’m not sure but I think it’s a man-made thoughtform). I am a programmer and after playing some songs on piano for him, he made me very motivated to work (this is actually a very uncommon thing for me) and I’ve received more money than expected.


Some of his favorite songs:

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony No. 25 in G minor
  • Chopin – Etude Op.25 No.5 “Wrong Note” (He said “awesome” while I was playing this)
  • Camille Saint-Saëns - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 12, K. 332, 2nd Movement
  • Kayo Konishi & Yukio Kondo - Lilium

Draw the sigil near you and meditate while visualizing a man with three horns until you feel the presence then play any instrument you prefer or sing any song you want. That’s all. After you finish playing for him, thank him then you can get rid of the paper with his sigil. You can also compose something from scratch. Don’t worry if you make mistakes while playing the instrument, he is harmless and appreciates the effort.

I love this spirit because it’s a nice way to convert music into money.

Post your experiences here because I’m curious what songs you guys played and how did Donemus react


You know this is extremely interesting to me, because my ex who was a satanic witch would often sing to Satan every night as a token of devotion, as a sign of reverence and he would he take it as an offering by literally singing his praise.


Reminds me of my grandfather.


Song and music has long been associated with the gods.

Until it was considered a sin by the Church, song and dance were often used to praise God. In the animated movie The Prince of Egypt there is a great scene where Moses encounters a group of desert people who dance and sing in joy and celebration of Life and God.

In the work of the Gallery of Magick, they recommend singing the names of angels to connect with them and gain their notice.


Bookmarking, I apologize for my previous comments, but what if you can’t/don’t play an instrument, or not good at singing?


;D lol

I’m sure that’s not respectful tho


I sing to several Deities with my morning commute as an offering to them.

Haven’t interacted with yours, though. Thanks for the interesting topic.


I personally sing like a fish out of water, but the angels respond really well to it, and it makes me feel good, really good actually, so even when I’m not working with the book @DarkestKnight mentioned, I almost always find myself singing their names or the words of power associated with whatever method I am working through- unintentionally.

I don’t see why you couldn’t literally play the music on your phone, or in your headphones, if you were trying to summon this guy, most spirits can communicate telepathically so it probably doesn’t necessarily have to be loud, or even outside of your mind.

If you have good audio memory, you could even copy a good signing voice in your mind. It seems like out loud gets a stronger first result for me, with the ones I’ve never called, but I do most of my work inside this bat shit crazy mind and direct it towards what I’m trying to summon.


I’m iffy on summoning something I don’t really know but at this point I’d sell a kidney so… Stupid or not might as well gamble.

Thank you for sharing

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also, I sang to Donemus, “the Scotsman” after evoking, and thanked him for his presents.

I may try this for a few nights.


Im curious, how did you meet him on the astral? Is this a sigil you came up with?
Sounds really good, I also always tell people to chant and sing the names.

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I don’t remember but it’s a son of another astral entity I used to work with. He told me that sigil was “given at birth”, like the name or something.


how do you know its not a parasite? ive seen people on here give familiers and such only to find out they were parasites later.


It doesn’t feel like a parasite to me. My experience with him was alright. Before calling Donemus visualize a purple spiked anti-parasite circle/shield for keeping impostors and parasites away. It should help.