I fought the Law (entities for legal help)


to those of you who may have a more dubious character and questionable morals. Have you ever been in trouble with law enforcement? Be it a minor traffic violation, or much worse. Have you found any entities, spells, or squares that would allow you to gain influence over those judges, prosecutors or even help you become invisible to the police?

Thing is, where I live small amounts of marijuana or a couple of beers after work can land a person with some serious legal problems. Things that have been less than a minor offence in other parts of the world I’ve traveled to are considered serious infringements here in the Bible Belt. Any help would be appreciated.

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hope this helps.

Franz Bardon - The Practice of Magical Evocation

Fig. 46: Bekaro (22� Aries) - By this intelligence the magician is endowed with the knowledge and wisdom of the zone girdling the earth, which only a few beings of that sphere are able to do. Bekaro has a specially high interest for justice and harmony and therefore is also able to assist the magician in the physical world in cases where justice is involved, either in legal matters or in other situations of life. Spirits of the storms and salamanders are very much afraid of him, since he is capable of revealing to the magician formulae by the application of which strong electrical and elemental effects can be brought about in the fire region of the zone girdling the earth, which the most stubborn salamander spirit instantly makes submissive. If Bekaro places any being of the salamander kingdom at the magician’s disposal, such a spirit - being of high intelligence, understanding and cleverness, will render the magician loyal service.

Fig. 105: Mimosah (21� Gemini) - All people dealing with law are under the care and supervision of this head of the zone girdling the earth. If this head is called for in any legal matter with an unjust sentence or settlement, either Mimosah himself or someone of his subordinates will render the magician help. Therefore it is only right to regard this head as the guardian of all human rights. All judges, lawyers etc. who have to do with legal affairs, can, should they be magicians, refer to this intelligence at any time.

Fig. 286: Hillaro (22� Sagittarius) - is a representative of justice. He can fulfill for the magician everything that requires true justice, no matter whether in legal or any other affairs. The magician will get this head’s full assistance in all judicial matters.

Fig. 329: Asturel (5� Aquarius) - represents Divine Mercy and, by his pleasant oscillation, makes everybody bear his lot more easily. He likes to help in all cases where assistance is possible without disturbing legality. The magician, too, may refer to this head for help for other people. Apart from this, Asturel makes the magician realize the borders of legality and mercy from the universal point of view.

Fig. 14: Mebahel- the fourteenth genius, helps to win wars, to realize plans for peace, he inspires politicians and helps them to carry out their plans. Being a special friend of justice, this genius is a protector against injustice and helps to settle legal affairs righteously. He helps to get prisoners who have been innocently imprisoned out of prison. This genius will teach the magician the art of reading other persons’ thoughts and, apart from that, how he can detect and control his persecuters and enemies.


good point MarkOTB - make sure to separate legality from justice, and if you can’t - maybe go with a demon from the same sphere, though I don’t have any of their names or attributes according to Bardon’s planetary sphere’s.


In the right or not, I would know enough about the American system not to give two shits about being in the right or achieving justice and put all my attention on winning. When enough is at stake, you don’t dabble in justice and other cultural niceties. I don’t want what my culture tells me I deserve, I want what I want - in this case, a swift and permanent termination of all proceedings against me. This sounds like Paimon country to me.


heh, people seem pretty fired up today, maybe I’m just rollin on a stone cloud. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah - do what you need to do.


Believe it or not, but I solved a lawsuit against me with a simple paper spell. This was before I delved into Magick. I was only working with Manifestation at that time.

In my country there is a law that requires every kid gets vaccinated for polio. After having a horrible experience with vaccines with my daughter and finding out vaccines only undermine the immune system, I didn’t want any of that shit shot into my son’s body, so I refused, and after receiveing a gazillion warnings we got sued. I simply wrote ‘We will not get sued for not vaccinating our son’ on a piece of paper, said it aloud a few times, envisioned it as a reality and put it in my ‘forget drawer’.

A year went by without any further news from the government. Another half year went by (mind you justice is SLOW in this country, so up to 3 years of delay between getting notice and really having to go to court, is not abnormal).

Then my son started kindergarten. One day, one of the mothers who’s daughter is in my son’s class approaches me. She says: “Kyra, I have to tell you something… I’m not supposed to tell you, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I work at the justice department in Brussels and I saw your son’s case. I just wanted to let you know, the case has been suspended. You will not be sued. I’m just telling you this because they don’t send people any notice if their case has been suspended, so, now you know you needn’t worry.”

Funny how this stuff can work huh. I think just as EA always says, YOU are the Magick, you don’t always need attributes or even spirits.