I forgot to take salt to the Eye of Odin ritual

The ritual itself seems to be a success(at least, Odin noticed me) but I forgot to take salt with the Eye of Odin symbol.
I know that salt defends one from evil or unwanted spirits. So am I going to be possessed by them? What can I do? Please help me.

What do you need the salt for?

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@RICH_5816 with regards to salts used in occult/magic you may wanna check this webpage out
Add: some of the stuff on the page is informative but other stuff on it is pure hogwash aka bs (like the claim salt repels witches guess the author doesn’t know me, I love eating salty chips).


Ooh it’s a bit shameful for me to tell… but after this post I realized I had perceived the idiom “Take ~ with a grain of salt” too literally. There was no need to take the salt to the ritual I have done.

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Actually all humans need salt to survive. :wink:
Oh, and I like salty foods too - especially sausages. I don’t know who was the first to invent them but whoever it was HE/SHE/THEY SHOULD GET A PRIZE!

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