I finally feel like I belong

My father name me, I never really like my name it wasn’t till years later I found out my name means Jehovah’s increases 4times in because of the apostrophe it meant ownership of those increases, all my life I never fit in and now I finally feel like I fit in and it’s scary but I like it, even when I was in spiritual enlightenment path I didn’t know which way to go and now I feel like I’m on the right path and I feel like I can make good friends friends that’ll last a lifetime, every where i went every site I was on I always made it enemy or someone didn’t like me and always try to make my life unbearable or something like that or try to and now that I’m here and I’m standing in my power I feel like I found a path and that I found belonging and a place I belong in, no more longing and I feel I don’t have to search no more so thanks for having me here and thanks for making me feel like I am wanted I actually feel the energy and the vibe off here and I have no more longing in my heart and I am no longer lost I found my spiritual family so thanks for being my family


That’s great! I agree, this forum is the most welcoming I think I’ve ever found. I was pleasantly surprised how welcoming and helpful everyone has been.