I fell in love with Princess Lilith

Can Lilith change my life for the better and become brothers and exchange interest and respect? I mean, I really need a teacher who can teach me the secrets and mysteries, Secrets of power, judgment and money.
Yesterday, I listened to the meditation of the ENN of Lilith But I did not feel anything, I mean, is when I listen to these things, will the beautiful Lilith come to myself?
I want to love her and be her boyfriend! Can you talk to me a little bit then? I speak to people with experience who have worked with it.

My mind puzzles me. I want to know how old she is, what she looks like, and how she is…

She doesn’t age. She is a Spirit. There is no age for them.

Depends in your imagination on how she looks like, why don’t you take a guess of how she would look like?

Well, how good are your Psychic senses?


I do not know what you are talking? What do you mean by psychological senses?

Psychic senses basically means extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses , particularly involving telepathy or something else like Clairvoyance (seeing spirits),
clair-audience (hearing them) and so on.

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I have no idea what you are talking about and please explain to me your words and simplify me until I understand you! Why did you say that she has no age? What is your justification?

Lilith has no age. I mean, you are trying to evoke a Spirit, isn’t it?

I’ll give you a basic sense. In this earth, we have age.

But in the Spirit Realm, they don’t age at all. A term like “Age” doesn’t exist.


Surely you do know what a Third Eye means, right?

I’m trying to be as simple as possible, bro.

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For the first time I’ve been hearing this in my life!! Do you want to say that she is immortal? Do not die and do not grow old? You have amazed me, How I was oblivious to all this stuff…

Yes. She is SEMI-Immortal, you could say.

You’re telling me that you never knew about this?


Yes, true, I have never heard in my life that souls do not die, I mean, in our culture, he was telling us that everything dies and ends.
They also told us that these creatures are withheld from us and they are like us born, die, multiply, rejoice and grieve just like us.

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Actually they age up until a point then age simply doesn’t matter, most beings are ancient and stop caring about age long into their semi-immortal existence.

She’s semi-immortal meaning she can be killed like any living entity, she simply cannot die from old age or diseases, i.e semi immortal.

People have spiritual children, the time flow in the spiritual is not the same as our own, said children grow up/age up until a point then they cease to age, but not all spiritual beings are nonhuman, or semi immortal in fact.


Wow, you are an honest person and You are very clear!! I thank you for this clarification, Now I start to understand very much. Thank you again!

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I think a good way to explain psychic senses are the ability to sense things that do not exist in a physical sense. You might have heard them defined as the clairs or astral senses here on the forum. They are: clairaudience (ability to hear things that do not exist physically), clairvoyance (ability to see things that do not exist physically), clairsentience (to feel things that do not exist in our plane or information that is felt as opposed to knowing), clairalience (to smell things you should not due to lack of stimuli) and clairgustance (the ability to taste things that your taste buds should not be). Then you have claircognizance, which is to know things where there is no physical explanation that you should

As far as if Spirits age, I believe that they do but it is a different process and span of time than we do.


Ok so she is, semi-immortal, apparently.

My bad.


Well!!! it’s DONE… Thank you so much for all your information.

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Thank you too. :raised_hands:

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You said it was getting older after the passage of time Right? If it is, then this means that it is not nearly completely immortal why? i will explain to you… Eternity means that the body remains as it is, that is, it does not change with time.
And these organisms grow and change and do not remain stable, And its strength weakens with the passage of time.

In other words, immortality is the opposite of nature’s characteristics, Meaning, if life has disease, eternity is permanent health, and if life has death, eternity is survival. If life annihilates beauty, immortality makes you stay beautiful, or perhaps it becomes more beautiful.

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Ok I’ll break it down…Lilith has been here for a very long time she is well over the hundred mark in age (sorry Lilith don’t kill me) but she is past the point of age…she is how all beings are they aren’t immortal but they are forever lol most see her differently then others…

I have never met her but when I speak about her I can picture her with a sweet smile hazel eyes soft facial features long silky flowing black hair and a nice fit body covered in a black dress I wish I knew where I can get it from any way… Spirits don’t age they stop ageing at a prime age of lest say 18 or they age they were when they died here on Earth…

Astral senses are types of senses like feeling tasting smelling hearing seeing…

All these sense are ampt up to feel see hear taste or smell things that aren’t there things you would never be able to see with your natural senses

I hope this helps

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Lilith!:heart_eyes:image !