I feel uncomfortable around Christ

I just do. Many here are going to tell me “Christ was originally a magi.” I’m willing to believe that, but it still doesn’t ease my discomfort. The reason why is because of all he’s used as a symbol. People assign symbolic value to images based on experiences. This is generally emotionally based.

I believe that for there to be balance, one third of the human population must walk an entirely different path than everyone else. One third must be artists. One third must be free thinkers. One third must live for themselves. One third must practice the arcane arts. One third must walk among outcasts. And what we get are people who can challenge society on its BS and force it to adapt to change. These people are free from the very same fetters that bind others.

Where as “Jesus” may have been one of such individuals, according to the stories, his name and image is usually not wielded to invoke free thinking or individualism. In fact, it’s used to preach the absolute opposite. I view Christ in the same way Christians view the Devil; as an entity trying to lead me off my spiritual path. The only difference is that I do not buy into the concept of spiritual righteousness. There’s no such thing at all. Spiritual freedom is an entirely different story, and that’s what his image is used against.

We’ve experienced those “Kindhearted” Christian types. They don’t use aggressive force. Instead I’d describe their manner as “Passively Aggressive.” They say things like “You don’t know what the future holds” or “Maybe you’ll change your mind.” They’ll try to reason with you or attempt to use nostalgia to convince you to believe, trying to appear “benevolent”. And if you argue, they make you look like the bad guy. Yahweh, I consider the more aggressive type. Jesus, I feel has that more passively aggressive energy and tries to be that good guy with your best interests at heart.

I also feel uncomfortable with the name, Satan, but not out of disdain. I don’t actually believe in a literal Satan, or an entity who’s independently named Satan. Satan to me is an amalgamation of different fiends of Abrahamic lore pulled into one being, solely meant to scare people. I have no problem with names like Samyaza, Belial, Lilith, or Lucifer. But, Satan just feels like an insult. It’s like calling someone with glasses “Four Eyes” or calling a gay person “Fagget”.

Like Jesus, Satan is a name and image invoked to further church and religious ideology. Satan is used by the church to symbolize all that is evil in the world; rape, murder, greed, so on and so forth. He is entwined with the word, Sin, which not only means evil deeds but also refers to evil energy. So to use the name Satan means to, by principle, admit to the Abrahamic god’s ideology of good and evil. Because other demonic names aren’t as prevalent, they’re safe to use.

Imagine you’re being called on to help someone and they refer to you by a name that was originally used to tease you with in the past. Would you help them at all? Invoking the name Satan is like addressing someone by an insulting nick name while asking for their help.


I suppose I see what you’re saying. I don’t feel uncomfortable about Jesus, but I still have troubles with Satan. Jesus, to me, represents a lot of things I wish to strive for in my life. Satan, on the other hand, gives me trouble. I can recognize with my head that he’s been demonized (pun intended), but I still feel an aversion to calling him specifically.

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Satan and Jesus in the same category? Imagine a Huggy Cuddly Satan that is benevolent and wants to open your heart.


I don’t have any problems with Jesus. I DO have major problems with the majority of Jesus alleged, hypocritical followers though!
I believe that Jesus was a human being, simply that, who was deeply in touch with his spiritual self. My doubts began as a child when I listened to passages from the Bible (in mass) where Jesus did certain tasks to "fulfill (on purpose) this or that prophecy in the Old Testament.
Just because someone makes a laundry list of old prophecies to fulfill doesn’t mean that individual is divine it just means that person put ALOT of time and effort into making shit happen on purpose. It certainly wasn’t by chance, any of it.
There I’ve said it!


You have the freedom to assign a different meaning to Jesus/Christ. You also have the ability to mentally and emotionally disassociate Jesus from Christianity, if you set your mind to that.

To me, Jesus the human had/has nothing to do with Christianity. He walked the Earth as a human, just like we do. He learned how to BE. He learned about who we all are. He learned how this Universe really works, and how to be in harmony with it. And he tried to teach what he knew and understood.

I believe the discomfort is just your BS radar jangling. :wink: In that case, if I were you, I’d recognise it for what it is, and create your own view of Jesus/Christ in a way that soothes you.

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I also have a problem with Jesus.

I have no problem with Satan though. I don’t think it’s an insult at all. His name just means “adversary” in Hebrew. That’s not so scary.

I honestly can’t wait until E.A. gets to Satan as the ninth Gatekeeper, because I’m really interested in what will be revealed then.


Joshua aka Jesus was not what many believe him to be. Source, yahweh, God is in the same boat so to speak due to the stigma of so many deluded ideas of what it is exactly it is. The idea of sin is so skewed it’s been muddied to the point of domination by fear. This was not the original plan. Lucifer or Satan which so many call him is nothing but a delusional idea of what evil truly is. The true beings were never supposed to be viewed in such a way many view them today. Maybe instead of you being uncomfortable with Christ itself but the idea of which is being clouded by hypocrisy. I would suggest to dump the human ideas that do not serve you and get to know the true nature of these beings on a personal soul level.


Can’t be uncomfortable when it never appears. I had one dream of the bastard (and this was when I was mega churchy). I was in a heavenly auditorium. He was calling seats and congratulating others into Heaven. I was last and the lights were dimming. He smugly looked at me, turned away, walked through the gateway and closed it and then the lights turned off. Just as well be janitors in there cleaning. I was like wtf dude. After that the church was like shinning me or looking at me like I was a leper. Told I talked too much, blah and blah. You know those “laughs” that aren’t laughs but just ways to hopefully get you to GO. Well I got that a lot. Finally I said FUCK IT!

Was about a month after that I did a Lucifer/Lilith ritual after Raphael snubbed my ass as well. I was getting so fucking fed up with god and shit. I actually destroyed my works of fantasy and shit because I thought according to church it was right. True sacrifices. And I tried and tried to get a missionary outlet into a zone (probably good I was denied). Went the whole brainwashed yard in a short time. Thought I was weepy Holy Spirit filled (prolly was possessed by something as I had one OBE and weird dreams).

But I wasn’t healed, family in Oregon was suffering, sister in law was even more of a royal bitch and things were just getting crappier. A test of bullshit maybe?

I wo t take misdirection, mistruths, lies, hypocrisy, and told my offerings are shit for long before I’m done. It stirred a fire, an old fire as before I hated EVERYTHING and this was leading me back. At first I could hate. I felt those Christian bindings those LOVE restraints. Over time I broke them and delved deep.

It’s led back to impossible battle with quite possibly a figment or fraud of creation. But Jesus… fuck that lazy entitled fucking hippy. He was born in a line of kings and I bet he didn’t have worries esp with powers. Hell could be a huge damn lie tbqh.

I like nuns though. I bet they take a lot of crap from priests and the higher ups. Then again, all I hear are priests raping lil boys so … bleh.

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I was a Christian for 20 yrs until i just got tired of the bs of church. I realized one sunday sitting in a apostolic church watching people jump shout get the holy ghost and dance.
I watch it all and had my first original thought in years of being a sheep. I thought to myself i fucking hate this place and every one of these assholes.
I never liked church it was forced on me as a child along with a belief system of bondage and fear.
It’s for this reason i commit blasphemy just out of joy. When that sweet Christian comes to my door with bible in hand, he sees me as an opportunity to show his righteous god.
I let them get good an comfortable and then i politely with a very sweet and sincere smile say.
Sir or Ma’am fuck jesus, fuck yhwh (or Jehovah depending on who I’m speaking with) and fuck your holy spirit. I hate christ the bible i feel is just bullshit. so you can quote that shit all day, those words hold no weight with me.
I say it with such a huge joyful smile they think im utterly insane and never bother me again.
You really have to kick that bible out of the equation by addressing it as a turd you stepped in. They just cringe which i find amusing. They want the bible to mean something to you when you show them it has no power over you they fall apart just like the rest of their doctrine.
Uncomfortable around christ? On the contrary i don’t even feel a tiny bit guilty.
For the first time
I feel free.

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It’s difficult for someone to decide where (Bethelehem), when (See Daniel’s Prophecy of the Weeks), or how (virgin birth) they’re born.

Also while he was being crucified a bunch of guards cast lots over his garment and that also fulfilled another prophecy that he had no control over.

And don’t get me started on the Virgin, Mary. Just because it was “Immaculate” doesn’t mean she gave consent. And she’s been deified for it. Truth be told, I consider that the greatest insult to women everywhere. Lilith, for all I know, gave consent.

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Mary absolutely gave consent. She said, "Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.

Let it be done comes from the Latin fiat. God made the world with 10 fiats in six days. And now Mary created the person of Jesus within her with her fiat. It’s a very meaningful moment in Catholic theology. Just Google search “Mary’s fiat” and you’ll see.

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