I f__ked Up & Cursed Someone, In The Heat Of The Moment

I don’t wish to go into details, but somebody made me very angry, thru no real fault of his own. I cursed him (silently) in no uncertain terms, willing that he die and that his life be sacrificed in the name of my desires. I felt an intense surge of hateful, destructive power come out of me and into him. Afterwards, I had a partial memory blackout and an overwhelming sense of "Oh dear, what have I done?"
I did a tarot reading, which was crystal clear: Heat of the moment, use of excessive force, inflicting harm, possibly death on an undeserving victim, caring only about my own desires and power. The full memory of the event came back, over the next few days.
I had never cursed before, if you don’t count banishing some bad eggs at work. They were nasty, fake people, who were stealing from the business, without solid evidence. Within a week of my banishing, they were exposed and fired. I don’t regret any of that. Somewhat different, possibly killing an innocent person!
Since throwing this curse, I have suffered myself: Depression, apathy and a string of “bad luck.” My attitude now is, “OK, you did it, you can’t un-fire a gun, don’t ever curse in the heat of the moment again!” I am ready to move on. Is there anything I should do, other than cleanse the negative energy?

IMO it’s the guilt that’s the issue, not the curse energy as such - recognise that you’re human and an emotional and powerful being, forgive yourself, and if you feel it’s necessary through intuition, pick a more deserving target for the curse energies to go to.

Did anything happen to the target, that you’re aware of?


I haven’t seen him since. He was just an unpleasant customer, who got me on a very bad day. Work has been getting on top of me lately. I need a new job and that is where my energy is focused now.

I’ve had this happen before. I never actually mumbled a curse at the person but they did something, or in this case didn’t do something they should have done and it almost got me in trouble for something I did not do. All I could do for like 8 months straight was focus on how angry I was with this person and how they needed to be more responsible before they caused a lot of undue hardships to other undeserving people. I kept dwelling on the fact that this person’s lack of responsibility almost caused me serious trouble and it did in fact cause me to be punished to a lighter extent for something I had not done, even though there was an ample of proof that I had nothing to do with what I was accused of doing.

It was up to that person to present the evidence and make the phone call to prove that I was innocent but he neglected to do his job and it ended up costing me both time out of my normal schedule and money that I technically did not have to spend, I had to spend it on a lawyer to fix everything, something that could’ve easily been fixed for free and in little to no time at all if that person would’ve done his job correctly. I dwell on it almost every day for 8 months straight and suddenly the guy died of a heart attack with no previous health or heart problems.

I certainly wasn’t trying to make him meet his demise but it was confirmed to me that I focused so much of my energy on his mistake that all of that energy accumulated and was eventually and unintentionally willed towards him. In my case, it was accidental but like I said even thoughts can accidentally curse someone so you just have to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Have you tried doing any divination to see if the guy has actually been harmed or if there is still time to make things right? He could just be sick and staying at home which is why you haven’t seen him, so there may still be time to rectify your curse?

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curses are just energy, all you have to do is remove the energy if it hasnt taken effect yet. Of course most people don’t know how to do this, but theoretically entities like Azazel or the Mahakalla might know how since one of their functions is burning away “karma” energy which is similar to curse energy. So you could try asking one of them to see if they could do it.

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Which is why I recommend focusing on yourself and thr positive more. When going up against someone with superior power those cursing are more likely to Break themselves than their Intended…because what defectron said and more. One can simply remove it, or deflect a curse, or even use it as Magickal Leverage to Eat more Cake and Steak while laughing at the person Cursing.

Is the eating cake and steak thing in reference to Stephen King’s Thinner?

No. I have to read more of Stephen King. I used to read more back in the days but I kind of burnt myself out. Same thing I do with music or anything else. So rather I just selectively look for and read topics that actually catch my interest.

But Good News! I did have Cake and Steak last night along with cooking a few different batches of food. So I made last night Chicken Curry and a load of white rice, a big pot of Extra Chunky Meat Sauce for the pasta (I Fortified it with alot of beef and sausage and vegetables), Brocoli cheddar rice and a matching Soup.

Then I bought an Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake and “Milkshake Icecream” from the store. Lastly, I bought a RibEye Steak which was my actual meal last night. As for the rest of it, just something to hold me by so I don’t have to cook for awhile.

A curse like that will likely wear off

Try not to let it bug you

Hi there, how did it evolve up to today? I had that too once, or thought I did, however it was not the case but the idea surged for a moment…; and did cleanse myself successfully. I’d gladly tell you more if you still need it?

Hi there, I had the same once, however the person was not innocent…; after all, I did a cleansing however, successfully to rid myself of ‘karmic attachments’ , I can show you more about it if you still need it - you want to be -sure- that you successfully got rid of those - really :wink: how’s the situation today and what happened to the person in question?

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One time this dude got pissed at me in the rehab I was at, so we got into this awesome argument, I had him right where I wanted him, and I put him down, he died less than a year later. He had no defenses, he was a good guy. You just don’t want to rouse anger in a grey or black magician. I was all about the light at that time too. I even told my Christian therapist that I had taken advantage of the argument to curse him. It was a Christian rehab, mind you.

No I don’t feel bad in the slightest. He must’ve deserved it if it was that effective.

newb question here; can i curse someone with words? or should i perform a ritual of some sorts in order to be effective?

All you need is the power of belief imbued with the potency of emotion, than the efficacy of whatever you do is determined by your clarity and conviction.

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so let´s say i wanna curse my economics teacher (i have valid reasons for this), i just have to belief and say (with rage or with another potent emotion) that he´s gonna be exposed about the shit he does to his female students

that will work?

That rage should be channeled through a point of focus, but yah, you could do a spontaneous, emotionally-fueled sigil as the point of focus, or ‘portal’, if you aren’t disciplined with chi manipulation.

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