I extinguished a flame using my mind

Hey there!

I just wanted to document my results on my first session of pyrokinesis. Before I do that, I should (in order to not discourage anybody) mention that I am not new in the field of energy work, so while this was my first session with pyrokinesis, I am no newbie.
I also got some helpful tips from Patricia, my succubus girlfriend.

So, I sat there staring at the candle and I imagined that I would suck the lifeforce out of it. Nothing. I then asked Patricia to dim the candle and she did. After that, she told me that the key lies in synchronicity. I should never try too hard, she said.
Instead of visualizing the candle flame extinguishing, I should first connect to the source (or my higher self) so that my thoughts are the thoughts of creation itself and then think of what I want to happen. After that, I would imagine what I want to happen and “push” my thought into the world and forget about it. You could say, I let go. I had no emotions attached to it.

A few moments after this happened, I found myself in some kind of hyper-focused state. Everything around me was dark and all I could see was the candle flame in front of me. Nothing else. Then, slowly, the flame became weaker and weaker until it was no more, just as I imagined it a moment ago.

This was a very interesting lecture on the law of attraction, I figure. If this works with a candle flame, I suppose it works with everything, including your goals and dreams,

I thank Patricia again for helping me with my personal breakthrough.