I dreamed of yokai

I was in a dark room with two other people, and in front of us was a long hallway. We were in the dark, there were no lights, when suddenly a hooded presence appeared from the hallway. He slowly approached us. The other two manage to escape avoiding him and abandon me. So I find myself in the room with this presence. I’m starting to get scared and say, “I can help you, I can help you”. The room lights up: the hooded figure turns into a kind of yellow animal that shines with light and around me appear hundreds of yokai (mostly as big as fairies). There was a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Some had human features, others resembled animals or creatures never seen before. I kept repeating looking around “I can help you” and they seemed very interested in me.
I’ve always been fascinated by yokai, they attract me, but you can’t find much information about them, so I let it go. Can it be some sort of message? Do they want to get in touch with me? What should I do?

Divine it, and there’s quite a lot of information on yokai.

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