I dreamed of Queen Hera and it was..interesting

Sight, so I lay my little head down to an afternoon nap today. But, I had the intention of doing some channeling beforehand.

What occurred was a little…traumatic? Maybe that’s the word for it because I was shocked when I woke up. So it started straight with Queen Hera being mad at me for something I didn’t do, and apparently it had spread via gossip. No matter how many times I tried to respectfully stand up for myself, she wasn’t having it.

She says: “I’ll forgive you if you do this.” She then guided me to my notepad I use to write my tarot readings and channelings in. I had to write information about her that she was telling me.

It time skipped to a few days, and I hadn’t slept or eaten. I go downstairs to my mother, and I cook some dinner. Queen Hera told me to write in my notebook: I shall not eat sausages. Don’t ask, that’s what I was cooking lmao.

I attempted to ask her something, however I was fearful due to the emotional put downs and beatings. She encouraged my questions anyway. One of them was: What do you and the other Gods think of Yahweh? Just as she was about to answer, my mother noticed me talking to someone that wasn’t there, but who I could see and hear perfectly.

I told her: “I’m thinking out loud.” But she didn’t buy it. She went up to my room and I followed. When I got there, my mother had become possessed by Queen Hera. She looked in my notebook that I wrote: “I’m beautiful” in and said: “Shut up, you’re not beautiful!”

She left and was free of the goddess. I woke up, and did a banishing as I was uneasy, scared, shocked and panicky when I woke up.

I haven’t worked with Queen Hera, and haven’t thought about doing so. I have started working with Aphrodite, though. I do feel this may have been a lower entity however, and not the goddess? You reckon I did right by banishing?

Well many people just assume Goddesses and Gods won’t say mean things, but the Greek Gods have been known for being assholes, even the female Goddesses were known to put down human women out of some form of jealousy.

I would personally suggest divining it mainly because even “higher” beings can do things people would think is done by a “lower” being.


So, do a reading on myself about it in other words? :slight_smile:

That or you can request one, but your own seems better because the vibes you get alter the course of the reading the most.

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Aight thanks!

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