I dream of Demon

So last night, a demon came into my dream. I think. So what happened is this girl walked through the side door of my house. I instantly recognized her as a demon, well more of an imp. She crept in as if she was trying to avoid my family but wanted my attention. She was in human form, though. She wore short jeans, a loose black top with those open sides, the ones I see women wear sometimes, and a black knitted cap. She was cute in a geeky kind of way. On her top, in white printed letters, was a whole profile like those listed in Ars Goetia.
Time of day
I can’t remember what was written, but I liked the fact she had such information in plane view. I think it’s frustrating when I’m talking to someone without knowing a damn thing about them. Having prior knowledge about them helps to further the conversation.

So it turned out her name was Infernal Gwen. Later on, she took the form of a kitten with dark purplish fur and became my familiar.


Ask her in which part of the Tree of Death does she live

Demons use symbolism with various creatures, characters usually to convey a message that you have requested an answer in a ritual.

In all probability this is Lucifer who has appeared in my visions in many forms usually female and wears black, she definitely wanted you to know she had arrived and was sending a message that is who I am and this to let you know that I am obviously sending this message.

Lucifer has appeared to me as a female mischievous teen, claiming her name was Ghenna, a woman in a black coat and hat, a woman of mystery, a black panther and cat.

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made me think of this from your title :slight_smile:

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That’s the idea.

Gremory are you having issues in love or lost something important? She is probably who you saw no one else matches profile better then her lady gremory is awesome and really amazing


I don’t see a resemblance

That an anime character of her from high school dxd lmao😂 she is red head with green skin at times just like bune comes to me in white. Or Amy Is a small womanlyish girl with pink hair they come to you they way you procive them