I don't think I did a thing maybe

So I had an awesome idea for new and practicing folk😁
Like a secret santa, where we charge a crystal/small item and mail it to each other.

Recipients get a reading workout by identifying the sender’s intent and other qualities of the energy, and can give advice or comments on whatever they read.

Sender’s get a “second opinion” on their control and power (especially good for those who are new and tend to trip yourself by doubting whether or not your spells have worked)

Then use/discharge the energy, cleanse and recharge and sent it down the line!

Any takers?


This sounds like a bad idea – too much room for people who have ill or mischievious intentions to mess around. Just my 2 cents.


I agree with @IrisAthena. There are way too many people here who would jump at the chance to mail someone a murder crystal or a cursed object for shits and giggles.


I agree with both @IrisAthena and @DarkestKnight. I wouldnt dont myself but as soon as i read the post the idea that someone would do just that sprung to mind.
The idea is not bad but perhaps it would be done within a group of friends or ppl you really trust, like If you start getting along with someone really well on the forum that might be an idea but an olen thing for everyone is like asking for trouble.


Cute idea but like others said could be a little too dangerous!


i do believe the forum could be a bit more real world interactive (rather would like to see it be) and not just a forum.

i do also agree with the above posts that it would be leaving one self very open unless it was with trusted people. how ever cuedos for the post