I dont know who is speaking... help

Ive been hearing voices likes its me or somebody else, i keep thinking its lucifer but it doesnt sound like him, kinda doubting myself… im trying to better communicate with him by improving my clairaudience… it answers whatever pops into my head… even now. Question is what do i do? Im scared it might be a parasite or imposter

i have meditated to lucifer’s sigil atop of Micah’s seal of manifestation… but still im kinda doubtful @Veil

Recently I sometimes (mentally) heard a voice, and while reading a few pages from a book of Hermeticism I wondered whether it could be my “Historical Man”, basically it’s a part of the human being that may be awakened by spiritual growth. Generally, this is one of the options.

what does he do? or why is he here? there has to be a reason no?

but i still think it has to be either of these demons/gods, Lucifer, Marduk, or somebody from the lesser key

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Apologize to Lucifer in advance in prayer, tell him you don’t wish him any harm but you must perform the LBRP

Then perform the LBRP

That or just pray to Lucifer asking him to send you signs of his existence near you, trust me prayer works, he will hear you, keep praying to him

just did the LBRP precisely how i wanted it to go!, im amazed how light my room feels at the moment… but now what? i can start contacting lucifer? i have a pendulum if it helps? @MagickVigilante

i dont hear anymore voices tbh

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Well that’s good news, I’m glad you took my advice and it helped :slight_smile:

Now you can either pray to Lucifer or evoke him

I used to evoke him like this:

Draw his sigil on paper, put the paper in front of you in a place where you want him to manifest, gaze the sigil and start repeating and chanting his enn like a mantra with the intention to evoke him

Maybe before chanting his enn while gazing, say a prayer asking him to please manifest to you

how do you tell if his energy fills up the room? or do it in the dark? ive worked with Lord Marduk and i had to pray for 7 nights straight to get me out of some legal issues, his energy was super dark so i might have expectations haha @MagickVigilante

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You will know once it happens I believe

did the evocation straight, went into meditative state, started to see the sigil distort a little, then i kept chanting, then boom goosebumps all over… visioned a dragon over looking me as i closed my eyes, then it spoke like a voice from the dragon in lord of the rings… sometimes it answers sometimes it doesnt @MagickVigilante

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Might have been Lucifer! :smiley: what did he say?

imagine a old british grand voice that said, “boy…” i replied “hi?..” then i asked him to help me reach my max potential on my clairaudience and clairsentience. he said to just keep communicating with him, i also have the seal of manifestation, so im assured that was him!!

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Well I’m glad I could help, and that you’re doing better and made contact! :smiley: it warms my heart helping people, but you did this all on your own, I just offered some advice :heart:

many thanks!!

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It was my pleasure, I did nothing :slight_smile:

If you want, Send Lucifer my greetings the next time you evoke him