I don't know where to start

Hello, forum! I have been researching and I was wondering if anyone could give me a good technique for evoking an angel. I don’t have one in particular.

Thanks for any assistance!

Hey whats up Fronin, good to see you here. You should get your hands on a copy of Evoking Eternity by E.A. Koetting, that’ll answer pretty much all your questions about evocation. Are you familiar with basic stuff like the function of the circle and the triangle?

Evocation is a fairly detailed subject and a single forum post really won’t do it justice. As suggested by Garcian, get a hold of Evoking Eternity. It is the gold standard for learning how to perform evocation, although to be fair, we are probably a little biased on this forum :P, having read alot of books on the occult though I really do think it lays it out more clearly than any other resource.
Mastering Omnipotence should be out in the next few month and that will be really great also.
Apart from that the “New Magicians Forum” has alot of great stuff, especially the below linked topic by redcircle.


For some reason, the way I named that thread, it gets broken whenever it’s linked. You have to manually fix the url tag, because one of the characters breaks the script. :frowning:

I remade the thread, should be easier to link now: