I don't know what to call this

I didn’t know what to call this post because I don’t want to get on that whole werewolf Spiel buuuuuuuut here I go again I want to know if werewolf’s and shapeshifter’s are actually a thing in magick and stuff and I think I have some clarification to do why I’m trying so hard to become a werewolf yes it’s awesome to feel and look powerful but that’s not all I want to be free to have the supernatural strength to be free to start a pack of werewolf’s to rule the night and be free doing something with all that power instead of just for the looks

That’s not the way magical shapeshifting works. The transformation is not physical, but astral.

So it’s only astral werewolf’s and shapeshifter’s

Yes. However, astral shapeshifting can feel like you are physically changing because your subtle body is morphing within you, but anyone observing would not notice anything.

There are some who claim physical shapeshifting is indeed possible but no one can ever provide irrefutable evidence to back those claims up beyond just their personal belief. Look for a copy of a book called M.T.H.O.S by William R. Wraithe. He’s kind of become a cult figure in the niche occult circle of those who believe in physically shapeshifting.