I do really need!

I need a spiritual guidance but, how is this possible since am new here because I know nothing yet ?
I want to be very rich and take care of my family and overcome PURE POVERTY but is this really ok if I ask for it?

Why do you think that some become wealthy and most don’t?
Most of the time the problem is with the subconscious, which you need to reprogramme.


In these, there is no subconsciousness because it’s been my dream all my life to become a self reliable and world multi billionaire

Then why aren’t you a multi billionaire already?

What Uncle Al was saying, is that you have to reprogram your subconscious because part of the reason you’re not a billionaire is that you are currently stuck in poverty programming (the subconscious is part of your mind that is beneath conscious control. It is what regulates your autonomic functions, and is also the storehouse of the beliefs and images you have of yourself and the world. It is impossible to NOT have a subconscious as it is involved in EVERYTHING).

I am sorry to ask this stupid question
you seem to know what I should do more than I do, How should I get my self out of poverty without anybody’s help?

Have you heard of affirmations? Or subliminals? Or hypnosis?

These are techniques that help to reprogram the subconscious mind, which is what the ever helpful @Uncle-Al was alluding to.

We all have internalised beliefs that form our views of life and the world. These beliefs come from many different sources outside of ourselves, such as television, movies, parents, girlfriends/boyfriends and these beliefs, in turn, create our world because they decide who and what we are, and what we are capable of, and we base the actions we take and the decisions we make on them.

For example, if you are told from childhood that you aren’t good at math, your subconscious internalises that belief and then manifests “not good at math” into your life.

To change your life, you first have to change how you view yourself by implanting different beliefs to overpower the old limiting beliefs put there by other people.

Some books that you may find helpful are:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Big Book of Afformations by Noah St, John

Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Another helpful tip is to use the magnifying glass in the upper right and do a search for “subliminal.” There are some threads with great information that can help you understand and how to get started.

Magick and demons aren’t going to change things overnight for you, because, like everything else, magick takes practice and skill. But while you are learning, you can still take steps such as using affirmations or afformations to help reprogram your mind.


Ok I have heard you but according to your advice is like if someone implanted something in your mind you must reprogram and that is exactly what I will have to do right now,
You said that magic and demons are not changing things for me overnight yes, but I am now trying to reprogram my human device and I believe 100% that Magic and demons will change everything thing I wish for UNLESS they don’t want to but they can do it for me ( they are capable of doing it)

Here’s something cheap and effective:

Get hold of some bank deposit slips. Fill these out to yourself with huge sums. If you can, put one where you’ll see it until such time as you don’t consciously see it there anymore. On the bathroom mirror is a good place. The other slip carry in your wallet and meditate upon it when you have those opportunities throughout your day.

At first you’ll feel like this is all impossible because you ‘know’ that you’ll never have this sort of money - but that’s the point. You’re destroying the powerful, sub-conscious force-field that protects you from having money. Once you feel more comfortable and assured of having this money maybe it’ll be time to evoke Naamah and there’s Her evocation - tried and tested - on these boards, together with other pertinent information.

Seriously, hope this helps.
Like everyone else you’ve been fed a steady diet of shit, given by the loving spoonful via parents, relatives, friends, teachers, religious types, the government and mass media. It’s very difficult to do effective Magick with so much programmed shit in your head. That’s why de-programming is called for.