I do not understand how to work with demons

There are two ways to work with demons - the traditional way, and the new age way. I’d recommend you invest in a magic circle like the Universal Circle and invoke them directly (the new age way).


To add a few of my views to the discussion.
(I’m trying to evade the whole RHP/ LHP terminology in this, because I think there’s starting to be too much dogma and misconception attached to them)

I’ve walked two types of paths and this is my very simplistic explanation on how people are attuned to different energies (or in some terms positively or negatively polarized)
Some people are more receptive to the more light and tranquil energy and are more able to develop their microcosm (through internal alchemy and self development etc.) to have that energy help them reach a higher vibration and find their divinity. Some people are more receptive to the more chaotic and darker energies and are more able to develop their microcosm (through self development and internal alchemy etc.) to be able to receive large amounts of that lower vibrational dark energy, learn transmute it to their benefit, find the divinity in that and learn to raise their vibration themselves.
Both paths lead to the same conclusion, true practitioners on those paths can be very powerful and enlightened. Both also have the same intensity of self development and/ or shadow work to go through in order to reach your potential. Just different ways to go about it.

If you are naturally more attuned to the more light and tranquil energy. You don’t really miss anything by not dealing with demons. As I am learning, if you are more “tranquility attuned” You might get some benefits from dealing with demons, but it’s not the type of energy you naturally use for your transformation and ascent so it’s not an energy you can fully use to your advantage anyway without it having a negative effect on your growth…

As a side discussion, I think Lucifer as a being of light and dark is an entity or energy current that might be able to be received on both sides. It takes completely different approaches though, as you would connect to completely different aspects.

As for the fact that people react different to you when working and influenced by demons…
One way the “chaotically attuned” go about their growth is to have the aspects and energy of these entities engulf them in order to point out and change chaotic (and inauthentic) aspects of themselves. This means if you choose to have a heavy connection and influence from these types of energies (or don’t ground yourself properly), your energy will have that same effect on people around you.
It’s not very comfortable to have those parts of your personality and ego disrupted, especially if you don’t wish to be confrontend by them or want to let go of them. That is at least part of the reason why people react weirdly or negatively to you when working heavily with demons.


The main thing that comes to mind with demons is you should reevaluate the way you are networking with people in general. My results using demons in relationships were sub-par until I did the mindset work in regards to personal and professional relationships. Usually this comes down to either too many boundaries, not enough boundaries, or working on the wrong relationships.

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It was a pleasure to read your comments. I wondered why I had nightmares after working with darker energies. One night a demon or creature held me down until I could scream. Once I was able to scream I woke up. Nightmares are starting to not scare me as much. So much has happened how can dreams be worse.

Demonic energy feels loud and imposing. I contacted Orobas & his energy knocked me back when I didn’t initially say bye after the ritual. I think they do like gifts even if small. An inexpensive red wine in a cup and incense at least were well received. I got things I asked for within days. Orobas is a nice spirit & highly recommended for beginners by professionals. I watched videos about working with him & read several things.

Bune clearly doesn’t work for you! Stop trying. **Before you try with another feel them out with your intuition & heavily research first. There’s a reason I didn’t choose Bune for my first working although they sound ok.

Some demons have recurring stories of messing people up including Paimon, Bune, & Belial who is known for destabilizing people & wrecking their lives. Research who is known to not screw inexperienced people over & easily offended. Orobas is one.

OP, select a demon who isn’t known for mayhem at the drop of a dime. Mentally/Visually Protect yourself before and after. Try new ways if what you’ve tried before gave you bad results…sometimes a new visualization or techniques improve things for me.

Sage or burn a palto santo stick in your rooms (sage removes all spirits even if good) before/after. Call on your guardians spirits , ancestors, guides, etc to protect you.

If others are in your home create a containment energy bubble over the room the work is occurring in besides a circle inside (I did), watch videos on banishing if you need, let go of fear/remember humans rule here (I still felt fear when it arrived…it’s ok), enter trance state/open, ask what you want, close/bye when done.

  • Dragons blood incense and other things mentioned for demons or the demon you’re seeking to connect with. Hope this helps…sorry for length
  • Being dual. It wasn’t until my life changed that I understood light and dark are the same. One can’t exist without the other. They are the same but on different octaves like hot & cold or dry & wet. They are the same even if polarized and using different names like Satan, Lucifer, Michael, etc. Angelic energy also feels ínstense.
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Yeah I’ve had the same experience,
When you finish talking to a spiritual entity you have to cut the cord . And close the entire ritual and come back to reality.

Negative emotions , sickness , and bad reception from people is one sign that you didn’t close your ritual or communication . You have to close it and dismiss the spirit .

It happens with even angels , and sometimes it takes a huge mental & emotional toll on you as well because you didn’t close the ritual and come back to reality


Thank you!

I’d say be careful on this forum :roll_eyes:

Buné was really good to me. I watched a meditation video of her sigil then received $100 in my bank account. I have Jupiter in my 2nd House so money manifestation is easy for me and I have a lot of luck with finances.

I can agree with Paimon for sure. He isn’t nice at all. Idk Belial that well.

Of course it depends on the person. I’ve heard of some people who have good working relationships with Sabnock, Andras, Paimon, etc but they usually have specific alignments in their horoscopes which are considerably rare hence why they have that relationship in the first place

I noticed that demons like it when you burn expensive candles/incense for them with their preferred scents or planetary correspondences. They will fulfill your request more effectively. When I contacted Buné, I burnt a really nice-smelling rose candle for her

Invoking/meditating on a demon or pathworking isn’t the same as evoking one. Through evocation, you get the full effect. I think this depends on how psychic you are. When I go off to university, I won’t be able to do proper invocation/evocation because of the rules against burning incense or candles

King Paimon is crazily powerful and meditating on his sigil + chanting his enn was enough for him to make an impact on my reality which wasn’t good

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I should add that it depends on the rank of the demons too

Presidents are nicer and more understanding towards beginners. They are easy to get ahold of. They focus on giving you opportunities for growth as opposed to immediate, tangible results. They focus on health and learning basic skills. Malphas is a bit different bc he is very tricky.

Earls are easy for beginners in my experience. They mainly specialize in relationships, reputation, and psychic warfare.

Knight Furcas isn’t the nicest, yet he wouldn’t go out of his way to torment you (to my knowledge), and I don’t think anyone bothers contacting him.

Dukes are varied. Some are nice, others are mean, most are somewhere in-between meaning they can be good to some, vicious to others. Astaroth was only ever very nice to me and yet I know people who said she was evil and scary so I suppose I resonate with her energetically. I have a well-placed Venus so Dukes tend to be very nice to me. Dukes can focus on relationships, finances, necromancy, travel and a lot more.

Princes (like Orobas) are good-natured and benevolent. Even Sitri is nice (at least in my experience). They are quite powerful and you can definitely feel their effects.

Marquis are very powerful. They can be a little mean. I personally like Ronové and Amon (he’s very stern) yet I know others who don’t. Some Marquis are downright dangerous. They command a lot of respect like kings do.

Kings NEED to have offerings, presents, high quality incense, or else they will be mean. They will not be forgiving at all were you to make errors in the ritual. They prefer being evoked with offerings presented. Unlike other spirits, they are very powerful and their effects are totally immediate. I remember calling upon Ba’al for invisibility and he refused to help me unless I get him a present (an expensive one too)

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The fact that you mentioned birth charts, correspondences, & alignments in relation to demons or potentials says a lot. I don’t see that mentioned here at all. Some don’t believe in using planetary influences or any correspondences when calling on spirits and demons.

The advice I often see here is just use a sigil. That works for some & I can’t speak on others. I want everyone to be successful because mainstream people used to kill people like us. We can see things differently.

I know Venus does love Fridays and Her correspondences (colors, smells, lingerie) are used for love spells. I know She does. I asked Her for a lover in Her hour on Her day and he came the next day.

I see it as…if you call on me…seduce me. Tell me why. Show my colors, use something that relates to me. If you can’t because of finances I understand & will love you more for effort and intent. I can envision your experiences that expensive candles/incense appeal to them. When you have a lover you want wouldn’t you do the same?

If a lover has money or funds to treat you good but is cheap, you’d be mad versus one who has little

I haven’t advanced to acknowledging ranks. I’ve only recently connected with my first demon and he was kind to me. Orobas:)

I’ve heard about Paimon hurting people & their loved ones. I’m talking physical wounds. I can’t get down with that. Hurting a practioner is one thing but when you hurt innocent bystanders that’s evil. How did the practioners stop him from scratching and physically hurting their family? They had to stop working with him & block him. Sadistic.

For beginners heed words. Avoid him. We don’t have to tell you as you can research him.

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“Relationships with demons are transactional”.
Mostly in the beginning yes but that’s not a rule. I’ve had experiences with demons where I didn’t have any offerings to give and I had incredible results.
Sometimes it’s about your affinity and admiration for them.
They don’t care too much about offerings sometimes but more about what you can do in this world for them.


It isn’t recommended for beginners to call upon Kings at all. Kings are very powerful, command tremendous respect, and you should only summon one if you are a skilled practitioner and you know what you are doing.

Paimon threatened to dismember me :roll_eyes:

In my experience, these Goetia spirits are the equivalent of aristocrats and they command respect and will appreciate you if you provide it to them. It depends on what I am asking them. You shouldn’t simply burn a candle and gaze into their sigil. I mean, it could work. You will have better results when you get to know the spirit. President Marbas REALLY likes oranges. Buné likes green stones. Astaroth likes rings.

What @BlancheNeige said could be true. I seem to have a psychic connection with some spirits such as Marquis Amon and Botis. They don’t request that much from me and they have helped me a lot even before I made an effort to contact them.


Some Goetia spirits seem to have planetary/zodiac affinities which aren’t listed on their pages in grimoires. They also have specific likes/dislikes they can communicate to you.

President Marbas, while not a king, has a solar quality to him and he LOVES oranges.

Botis, despite being very nice, has a Saturnian quality and I’ve noticed another occultist (Tomb of the Scarab on YouTube) mention that. While he is nice, he looks really frightening (resembles Laughing Jack) when he assumes a humanoid shape

When it comes to banishing, I don’t really do it when I need the spirit around for some time. Most of the Goetia spirits I have contacted had resonance with me (excluding King Paimon. I am never having anything to do with him and I mean it when I say that) and there was an intuitive connection present

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Your comment outlining demon ranks and expectations should be mentioned much more often. I missed reading it before. By instinct I knew to not contact a king, duke, or higher level demon. Even as a beginner I knew their energy would feel extremely dense and come with expectations or requirements. I’m not ready for that and potential consequences.

Prince Orobas also doesn’t have a trail of bad stories in many places. Your comment could explain why some magicians face horrors when contacting these beings. Perhaps they’re overstepping their development or lacking knowledge and the energies take advantage of that.

How do you match natal chart aspects to certain spirits? That’s potentially better than contacting spirits and hoping for the best. Cool idea.

“You shouldn’t simply burn a candle and gaze into their sigil. I mean, it could work. You will have better results when you get to know the spirit. President Marbas REALLY likes oranges. Buné likes green stones. Astaroth likes rings.”

Yes. Such things aren’t often or accessibly communicated in demon work unless you research. The RHP really emphasizes correspondences for spirits & rituals. I feel sorry LHP rituals & advice don’t often tell people these things up front…I mainly see just get a sigil and things will work or instructions without what the spirit may like & protection methods. That is really frustrating.

Of course I’m not perfect. It’s cool you can leave these spirits around for some time! I tested that and the demonic energy was too strong. Thanks for commenting and sharing knowledge.

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Yes, demons have a very strong energy field. If you work with them too often, you will feel sick, miserable, and vampirized. Humans cannot withstand a demonic energy field unless they understand that it’s normal to feel that way when around a demon.

I’m personally negatively polarized. In my experience, both angels and demons like me a lot. Of course, I don’t contact a demon or an angel unless I feel drawn to - as if there is a connection there.

Each rank is assigned to a planet. There are demons who possess two ranks, such as Ronové who is both a Marquis and an Earl. There are incense, colors, metals corresponding to each planet. In books on evocation, they advise a specific incense, planetary hour, day, and metal to use. The metal of Mars is iron, which you should avoid, because demons are allergic to iron.
King - Sun
Marquis - Moon
Prince - Jupiter
Duke - Venus
Knight (only one, Furcas) - Saturn
Earl - Mars (warning that Earls are allergic to iron!)
President - Mercury

More interesting is how each demon belongs to a tarot card or decan in astrology. King Ba’al corresponds to the Two of Wands for example. If you have any significant placements or benefics in that decan, then maybe you can try contacting that demon. If you have any malefics in the decan, maybe you shouldn’t (or you can because the demon can help you resolve that problem).
This website lists the decans; scroll down to Goetic demons. Each are opposed by a Shemhamforash angel Thelemapedia: The Encyclopedia of Thelema & Magick | Tree of Life:Decans
I prefer sidereal astrology which accounts for the precession of equinoxes. Tropical can work too.

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I’ll be blunt with my statement: a lot of people I see in occult communities have access to entities (angels and demons) which can grant them LITERALLY ANYTHING from money to good looks to friendships and yet they are doing absolutely nothing with their lives and are losers. I was perplexed as to how & why many people into manifestation, magick, subliminals, and the like aren’t accomplishing anything when they have the keys to success in their reality. So I contacted King Paimon (which I will never do again) and I asked him “why?”

Note: What I am saying is controversial, but it’s the truth. I am not in the mood to argue with any chronically online people. Someone made a thread like this last time and they received so much backlash from some users here.

It occurred to me that YOU, as yourself, are a receptacle for higher forces. They manifest through YOU. Many people have “low vibrations” because they are constantly being vampirized through the media they consume, the foods they eat, the traumas and the burdens they have, any addictions, and more. Then they contact a demon and ask for something which doesn’t make any sense and the demon vampirizes them even more. They can contact an angel, another powerful force, and the angel can’t help them either. You are a container for higher forces. The Elites in our society as well as some people who have worked with occult forces found tremendous success, but most of the ones I know of and can name literally have schizophrenia.

If a millionaire asks Buné for $1 million, she can grant it to him very easily. He most likely won’t even need to give her an offering.

Someone who aspires to become a millionaire can call upon Buné, Clauneck, Sarachiel and have a consistent relationship with them for a few years and take their advice on how to make money. It’s a mutual relationship between one of those entities and the magician, who is also doing hard work

A broke/middle class person who doesn’t do any self-reflection asks Buné for $1 million. She takes the path of least resistance (as illustrated by Lilo DuMiquette - idk how to spell his name). This person can find $1 million in a bag on the street which will be claimed by the revenue agency or considered theft. They could also inherit $1 million from a deceased relative or receive it as insurance for a house fire or after losing a limb in an accident.


Spot on!!!

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Thanks! The link you shared sent me down an information hole. I may have to rethink Aleister Crowley. This is a great resource. New things to learn. Which brings me to your second comment on why many people aren’t accomplishing anything when they have the keys to success in their reality…

There’s a lot to learn besides learning how to use it properly and developing skills. It takes time & some come from backgrounds that instill limiting beliefs. Others may focus on what they want instead of what they need (using love magic instead of “Get me a job” magic), rely on magic without action and hard work, not met the right teacher yet or influence, etc.

Its like creating a personal soup. You have to search for information, people share things, maybe join an order or pay for a course, combine information, train the mind, and practice. Abstract concepts. A lot. Success also doesn’t happen overnight. I really don’t know how or why this is widely thought. It sucks but we have to put time in. Make mistakes, get no results to ask why no results, & keep going…hopefully not get hurt.

I got movement by practicing instead of just reading & removing fluffy ceremonial steps from rituals. But…if I ask for bigger things what could demons expect in return? I haven’t worked with them until now because I assume big asks/assistance (wealth, miracles, etc) require big payment. I’m not giving blood or soul fragments to anyone. I haven’t found much on this, but I can’t use blood. Blood magic…blood in magic. I just… :face_with_head_bandage:

Demons & entities who give wealth & power also seem to give a time limit to those they assist. Near the end of their lives or at some point I notice some take a hard downfall and lose everything including their lives or freedom.

Thanks for sharing much :smiley:

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I think that demons only work effectively with a perfected vessel over and over again, which in itself doesn’t make much sense because a perfected vessel doesn’t need their help. Better this than nothing.

You are very welcome!

Do not ask a demon for something “big,” mainly because you will get screwed over doing this (I am talking from experience). When working with a demon, it is one request at a time until you arrive at your ultimatum.

So I want to work with Marbas because I was diagnosed with cancer. I have stage I cancer, I can simply ask Marbas for success with chemotherapy and reduced side effects. Then see how that goes, and then ask Marbas to be declared “cancer-free.” I do it in steps.

If I want to work with Marbas for physical changes, I focus on what I can do first to the best of my ability then ask Marbas to intervene on what I need help with. So I am trying to lose weight: I have a caloric deficit, I am exercising, I hired a personal trainer (I could even ask Marbas to connect me with an affordable one first). However I could have an underlying health condition and maybe this causes problems so I summon Marbas to work on that.

You ask a demon for one thing at a time.
Personally, I would not ask a demon for something you yourself can already do or solve easily.

Sometimes I would not recommend working with Goetic demons at all. You should study your horoscope and see if you naturally have a predisposition to specific problems and obstacles. You could even look at transits (I would not recommend manifesting love when you have a Saturn in 5th/7th transit). Instead of a Goetic demons, you should work with planetary spirit. There are demons directly assigned to the planets and you could work with them alongside angels.


That happens because of karmic backlash. As I mentioned earlier, demons grant you whatever you want (even if it will cause damage to you or someone else) compared to angels who only grant what is within source potential and in alignment with cosmic order, meaning everyone is happy. Demons are associated with the destructive, katabolic force so obviously they would have punitive aspects to those who succumb to greed and materialism.


Do you recommend any specific books on planetary spirits?