I didn't summon anything yet

I feel this cold touch on my body and a bit of an arousal, I’ve been thinking of incubus/succubus for two days straight but never thought to summon one. I made a letter to Lilith but never started since I felt I wasn’t ready yet to summon others as I want to work on my sight, and hearing for the spirits. I have to wake up early at 7:00am, is there anything I could do since idek what’s happening

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How did you do the letter? You didn’t copy a Hollywood movie write it and burn it did you? If you did you likely attracted a parasite. The magick methods they pretend to do in the movies are the surest way to get the attention of negative entities and parasites. I know I did the dumb shit back in the day and got a parasite that moved into stages of possession then almost killed me. If you did that (burnt the letter) you did a ritual and might have caught the eye of a parasite. I think you need to banish asap. My parasite started out pleasant (simulating touches and such) and it went bad as it went on. Even took me over and left me holding the bag with a lady screaming at me that I was evil and me with no clue why. Even if it seems pleasant now it won’t stay that way. So try banishing asap.

Add: and writing and burning a letter IS a ritual in itself btw and not a good idea until you can banish and can see spirits and know how to tell fake spirits from the real (to tell an imposter Lucifer from the real deal for example). Otherwise you can get an imposter a parasite a negative entity. That type of Magick is best left alone and not done until you can at least banish and ideally until you can tell a imposter from the real spirit as a intermediate to advanced magickian.

I didn’t even burn the letter as I wanted to wait until I’m more advanced to learn how to banish or even hear or see what they look like. Idk if I did it wrong for not even starting the ritual

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Sometimes when your will/intention is strong and/or clear enough, that’ll be enough to call one into your life.

There have been some that have had this happen to them.

We have tutorial threads you can go over

If it’s legit, you can work on all that with your prospective Ubi (incubus/succubus).

Good luck :crossed_fingers: