I did some baneful stuff today

I had a specific person who deserved it. The guy is basically a paladin/light-aligned person (I call him The Paladin), even if he is uninitiated. He also has the sight, but refuses to use it. He did something that hurt someone I care deeply for (I’ll call her The Lady), so I went full baneful on him.

I sent my four familiars to attack him, not just that, but I sent some pretty cataclysmic direct magick attacks, and I called upon a few deities whom The Lady works closely with to assist me.

I asked The Lady to keep an eye on The Paladin to keep track of the things I did against him. Gauge the effectiveness and whatnot.


Keep us updated!

You’re not a big fan of using magickal attacks, he must have really fucked up.

You have no idea.

I’ve hit him with three very strong direct magick attacks. One was a modified form of something a friend created that he called the ‘Lindor Truffle’, which is basically a ball of fire energy compressed inside a hollow sphere of earth energy that acts like a HEAT shell. I added lightning to that. Then I hit him with the strongest astral lightning I have ever used with the intent to microwave him from the inside. Then I gathered earth and fire, then cold to basically hit him with a million tiny spinning razor blades of energy.

EDIT: The target has been vomiting and has a nasty migraine apparently. Like, all day so far.


My friend did a div, apparently The Paladin is basically a corpse walking, like stain on the ground ten of swords fucked.


Youre going to have to write that technique on here as I have been working with thr elements. Very intrigued IF you do not mind sharing

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I’ll PM you.


I think I may have essentially marked that guy to die… I feel like he’s gonna be dead soon because of this… To be fair, I did kinda send something to ‘stop his heart’ so…


I would love to know what was involved and how the walking dead is doing?

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Oh, I had mercy and pulled back my baneful stuff from that guy ages ago.

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I would love to know too